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The Editor

As a nation, we are now beginning to warm to the idea that our heroes must be celebrated during their lifetimes.

Dr. Jit Samaroo, Len ‘Boogsie’ Sharpe, the late Clive Bradley, and Ray Holman, among others have been celebrated over the years. However, there is one panorama hero who despite having a track record second to none, never seems to get the respect that is due to him.

His track record speaks for itself:

  1. Made it the finals of panorama on his 1st attempt at arranging (1976)
  2. Took just 4 attempts to win panorama for the first time (1980)
  3. Won panorama twice in his first 5 years arranging (1981)
  4. Has made it to the finals 28 out of 29 attempts, the only failure to do so in his 2nd year arranging (1977)
  5. Left panorama completely for 10 full years (1989-1997), to incredibly cop 3rd place on his return, as well as the people’s choice panorama title (1998)
  6. The first arranger to successfully integrate east indian instruments and idioms into panorama (Curry Tabanca - 1987)
  7. Won panorama with the highest overall total ever (293 out of 300 points – 1986)
  8. Forever altered panorama by breaking the stranglehold Kitchener and Sparrow calypsoes had on the competition in the 1960s-70s (1980)
  9. His arrangements have placed 2nd 8 times, and 3rd 5 times
  10. Arranged what has to be the most popular panorama tune ever, worldwide (Woman on the Bass – 1980)
  11. Lastly but by no means least, has 7 national panorama titles to his name to date, tied with the late Clive Bradley, and second only to Dr. Jit Samaroo (9 titles)

I speak of no other than Mr. Leon ‘Smooth’ Edwards.

Perhaps it is his humility and lack of desire to always be in front of cameras or on a microphone, that has allowed less accomplished arrangers to gain prominence ahead of him. Perhaps it is because he chose to develop band before solo career that he remains a ‘name on the banner’. Regardless of the reason, facts speak for themselves, and many facts speak very loudly.

To quote Dr. Jit Samaroo, ‘Smooth makes the savannah happy’. His unique ability to capture the essence of ‘Trinbagonianess’ and create music to make people dance and be happy is unmatched in the panorama arena.

It is time for the ‘Smoothman’ to get the national recognition that is due to a son of the soil with such an outstanding track record and contribution to the nation.

Regardless of the outcome of Panorama 2014, Leon ‘Smooth’ Edwards can stand tall, a Giant among giants in the panorama arranging world.

Daryl C. Joseph MA, CEAP


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DJ… You beat me to it…. I have said he is a Master out there on his own and has a long awaited recognition for his achievements. Maybe tonight at Soca Monarch 2014 after All Stars play they should recognize him with an award.. for the record … the last one no11… it’s 8 wins and no longer tied with Bradley

Big-up Mr Leon "Smooth Edwards, with a track record like yours there is no need for you to open your mouth. Thanks for all the "Happy" music and best of luck in 2014

Good job Mr. Joseph. You have brought my sentiments to the fore-front (lol) 

Mr Leon (Smooth ) Edward a gentleman with class always respected him ,for his musical ability I hope one he get full recognition and bestowed with T&T high honors

In complete agreement. much respect to Mr. Edwards.

New on the scene but that record speaks for itself. Mr. Edwards got a new Fan!

A lot of people don't like "Smooth" style of arranging, his style is not a West style but when they criticize him he is Laughing straight to the Bank. He is not my top arranger on my List but he is a Great arranger, he is always there, Congratulation "Leon", (He is also a great player, we played together in Wash, DC on a Gig)

Those who are not aquainted with me on WST ,,,KINDLY RE READ MY COMMENTS  form the inception AND YOU WILL SEE THAT I HAD  MENTIONEDD THIS  A  LONG WHILE AGO,,WE SEH JACKASS YEARS AGO,,,,HONOURING THOSE THAT HAS CONTRIBUTED WHOLEHEARTEDLY , ,,,BEFORE  DEH  DEAD  DEAD  DEAD,,,,its of no use to Honour someone when they are deceased ,,, DEAD TO THE BONE,,everyone is welcome to re-read  all of my comments  on the Forum,,,,so this is NOTHING  NEW,,respect to all WST members.


Mr. Joseph:

Here's what you're looking for. When Steel Talks recognized Mr. Edwards in January 2013.

Please click link:



I am not an All Stars Fan. Despers has and will always be My Band. I have Total Respect for 'Smooth He is a silent Assassin who had not been given Credit for his Panorama work. I pay homage to him and the pleasant memories of the Fantastic Panorama Pieces that He has given us. He is but a Shell of his former years but still making Good Music. We will never forget. Curry Tabanca - Doh Back Back - Soucouyant -the Hammer - Heat and the unforgettable Woman on the Bass just to mention a few. Hats off to Dr. Smooth" He is one of the Great Ones.

I kinda don't like to rate pan arrangers, but by any measure Smooth has to be named among the best .



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