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Last night I attended the drawing for New York  Panorama 2016, before, during and after there were jokes, humor, laughing and comradery.

But underneath all of that, is the fact that the state of steel bands in New York  are at a disasters period and quit frankly could become invisible or none excitant. 

There are so many signs visible, right in front of our faces and for a majority of us, it's being ignored. Case in point, there were a full throated effort by bands that have had problems, or have not function during the course of the year but at the drop of a hat will do all they can to attend 2016 panorama. I am not writing this the criticize these bands but to help everyone, open our eyes to what will happen before long.

This year's panorama is here and there is nothing that can be done at this point in time, however if we want a panorama 2017 or more importantly, want there to be steel bands existing in the New York metropolitan area after this summer, we must get together to figure out what must be done to improve the lives of steel bands. I don't mean having a meeting where we talk around the issue or sit in a room where some people are there basically to further their  own cause, interest or agenda. This is not about you or I, it's about the steel band. This is also not about the organization, because the association (USSA) can't do it by itself. USSA needs help.

I have spoken to officers of USSA, to call a forum after this years' panorama, this year, not next year, for such a discussion, this should include, USSA, Steel band Leaders, Panists young and older, Members of WIADCA, J'Ouvert City, Business men and women of our community along with the many supports out there, who have the knowledge of how to solve this problem.

I can hear some of you saying , " this has been done before" maybe so, but that doesn't mean it shouldn't be done again, I also have to say, we should not be talking about help fro Pantrinbago, that is a waist of time , in 1986 I was a member of Pantrinbago North American Region, the only purpose of that organization from Pantrinbago's prospective was to further their agenda and cause, not ours here in New York.

At the end of this first of many days we should have a precise and realistic plan of action.

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Good idea Keith Marcelle, as a matter of fact there should be at least 3 of these meetings each year. Things really look gloomy for the Steelbands in NY.

Could you publish a list of the bands participating in the Panorama and there location?  Thank you.

Hey Wentworth, what's up, bro? Long time no see, no hear. Good idea to publish, no one knows where to find 'em.

New York Steelband Pan Yards - (Panyards) 2016


Greetings from the most southerly islands of the Caribbean, Your 3rd paragraph is also applicable here in  T & T, MAYBE because there  is  some sort of Financial Assistance in our case, but the concept is the same. , Everyone must be able to make a concerted effort , John Public , the Business Community as well as  the BOROUGH, The Steel bands also  have addition challenges re  locations  to practice, sometimes even after a certain hour  which also affects their practice time,.

I honestly believe there is  too much LIP  SERVICE with no long term planning for the existence of the steel bands.



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