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The T & T Govt' need to make Carnival Monday "Steelband day" so we can save the Steelbands in Trinidad & Tobago. Make it a Law that there will be no Big Boom Boxes/ Speakers on those Big Trucks on that day, and the Police need to enforce the Law. The only Music on the road on Carnival Monday will be the Steelband. Please, Please, T & T help us, help our National Instruments, "The Steel Pan". The Government are the only ones that can save the "Steelbands".

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As I said, Only the Government can make it Happen, they are the Law. Then again, I remembered SALAH WILSON had a Proposal about having "A Ministry Exclusively for the Steelpan  in Trindad & Tobago", that would of help.

Bede. Your Noble Intentions Means a Whole Lot. The Other Stakeholders involved in Carnival will Fight it Down. They would go to Court With a Good Case and Win. They Would Claim that Carnival and the Roads are for Everyone. They would Say that Every Creed and Race finds an Equal Place. 'Government only Shows interest in Panorama that's one of their main Revenue earner for Carnival. Panorama Brings a lot of excitement because of its Competitive Nature. Panorama is the Last Bastion of Pan for Carnival mainly because it Showcases the Best Steel bands at their Best. Many Visitors Come to Trinidad Solely For Panorama. Panorama is what keeps Pan Alive in T&T. Panorama is Global. Pan on the Roads for Carnival are on their own. Sick and Dying. The  Government Wont Do it Bede.

Val, as far as I see it, for argument sake, the Government, who usually pump a lot of Tax payers($$$$) money, (PLENTY, Plenty) money into Panorama, they would believe that the Panorama days ARE Carnival day for the Pan. Those days are not interrupted with the DJs and Boom Boxes!? Pan on those days, start when they want, and end when they want.

What I would do if I had the authority where Pan is concerned, is to make maximum use of these Panorama days, even put Mas into the Pan on these Pan days and compete. Why not make it Pan-nival Days and let it evolve into whatever it becomes for Pan sake?  Make a clean break with the Pan!  I see no use in going back to the only Carnival Monday Pan routine.That DEAD! Time to move on.

It is time for the Pan to think and act out of the box for its very survival. WE NEED PAN VISIONARIES!!!!

I agree with you Bede.

Bert My Bro. This is a very Complex Situation. I think that the Only Day of Pan will always be Panorama. We cant deny that fact. We all have to Remember that the only time of the Year that Panmen are Compensated is For Panorama. They are really Disenchanted because of this. Pan on the Streets on Carnival Day is not as it was in Our time. The Young Players don't have the Love that we Have for the Instrument. Most Players are Young People. On Carnival Day they would rather Play Mud Mas than Play Pan on the Streets. The Prefer the Glit and Glory that comes with Playing in Panorama. Pan Visionaries are doing a Great Job in trying to Carry Pan in a Direction that would Benefit All Pan People. Their Biggest Challenge is to Get the Masses to Support them. Pantrinbago has the Backing of the Government so that makes it a Little Difficult. You have My Support.

My mention of Pan visionaries is simply that, and have nothing to do with the New Visionaries Val. The problem that Pan is facing at this time, and in this era, is that the Pan powers that be have no true vision for Pan. The Pan is sorely neglected. Plenty talk!

Over the years the steelband has adopted a welfare mentatity where the wait for sponsors to pass the $$$$$$ so they could go panorama, the problem with that is that you don't grow and that's where they are at now, zero growth, their inability to do something for themselves has made them null and void.

Thanks for the clarification, Bertel. 

"Pan Visionaries" are doing a  great job in trying to carry pan in a direction that would benefit all Pan people" Could you explain this "great job" that they are doing?? I am all for change, but not for more of the same. Panman suffering, been suffering, and when I see the horizon, that's all I see.

The people that played mas on trucks back in the day who later came on the road and started using rope around their band  are the ones that control carnival today, they didn't like the steelband then and they don't like it now .

What we are dealing with today is not about steelband on the road but class and money. When we look at who played mas in the 50s and 60s and today we see a shift in the ethnic make-up of the people, those with the rope has reappeared and taken over things.

Carnival today is a well oiled money making machine that don't care about the history or country, their only concern is about numbers and short on content. There surely is a race card being played but no one talks about it. When there is total freedom not everyone benefit, case and point the steelband.

Cecil , there have always been people who wanted the steelbands off the streets for various reasons , and they've won.

The main reason being that the steelband took over "their" carnival and brought thousands of young black men to the streets.

I admit that the steelbands introduced problems into the carnival that wasn't there before before - street congestion , steelband violence etc. , but the violence had become a thing of the past by the seventies , and the other problems could have been solved with some Trini ingenuity.

Instead, we chose to remove the steelbands from the streets and contain them in the savannah, to the detriment of the carnival and the steelband. 

There are many who benefit from the status quo, and sadly they even managed to convince pan people that it was for the better. 

If you doubt that there was a desire to remove the steelbands from the streets , do an eye test.

See who is playing mas today , compared to the masqueraders from the heyday of the steelband.

And consider who benefits from the status quo.

This is why I'm pessimistic about change ; not because it cannot be done , but because there is more opposition than will.            -

Glenroy,  we all aspire to achieve but I'm not too sure every creed and race have an EQUAL place, this is the big picture that everyone is hush, hush about.


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