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Two million views in 2 days - What about the steel orchestra?

This Ohio State marching Band video of "Michael Jackson Tribute" generated well over two million views in 2 days. There are many, many similarities between the marching bands (church drum and bugle corp) and the steelbands of the last century. From Earth Wind and Fire to many of the great calypsonians and arrangers -  the drum and bugle corp was (and still is) the only way generations of poor black people had free access to music instruments. The marching bands run deep in black music and dance traditions.

Can a steel orchestras generate such interest in the near future?

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Brenda if the catch is simply MJ's music -  there is no shortage of steel orchestras performing MJ's music - from Phase II and Boogsie's arrangement of "Billy Jean" to  Salah's "Man in the Mirror". So what else is missing?

Wow ..great stuff,  great presentaion. Somtimes in life there is only one of a kind Michael Jackson was such a one of a kind ...there is no mould it has been broken. ... Yes he did sing "Sugar Bum Bum" in Trinidad when he did a tour with The Jackson 5


It won't be long before we see a pan in one of these marching bands.


This has already been done for a while now check http://ning.it/1a3LY3G.... The question is still can an all steel orchestras generate such interest?

If given ah platform like these US marching bands sure, I'm sure you have seen videos of  T&T Police and Regiment bands, they put on quite a show. 

Cecil: I have a problem with that word "given" because I am thinking of the word EARNED.

Did the US marching bands "EARN"




In 2013 more than 100 million people watch the Super Bowl. CBS charged between $3.8 million and $4 million US dollars for every 30 - second spot shown during the game. In addition, these commercials became the focal point of the US media for a few days.

Could an investment in a commercial featuring a steel orchestra during the Super Bowl establish such a platform or at least the interest in creating one? What could we reasonably expect from such an investment?

Brenda, hold on ah have to check the bank account. lol 

You sure this is not a trick question

The steelpan in not known in a lot of states so I will have to say that more people seeing the steelpan can only help in spreading the gospel of pan thus creating sales and expertise.

The steelband has blown away people every where, so an investment in a commercial at the Super Bowl could have a possitive impact.

I'm curious as to what you see as the optimal platform for the steelpan to generate a similar response as the above video.


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