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On the 20th August 2016, at a meeting in Belmont,Trinidad, the membership of XL4Pan nominated and approved the following persons and positions:

Mr Salah Wilson - President - XPATS

Mr Cary Codrington - President - LOCALS

Mr Bertel Gittens - Treasurer - XPATS&LOCALS

Mrs Lynette Laveau Saxe - Secretary/Advisory Board - XPATS&LOCALS

Mr Jyotir Gittens - Clerk - LOCALS

Mr Brian Benoit - Trustee - XPATS&LOCALS

The Headquarters/Secretariat of XL4Pan will be at #24 Erthig Road, Belmont, TRINIDAD.


Mission Statement and Bylaws

Charter membership recognition

Marketing and Fundraisers

Creation of a Website.


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They say that a picture paints A THOUSAND WORDS. I am really happy to see this organization moving forward. With patience and planning this could be the birth of the  MOVEMENT FOR CHANGE.

Thanks much Claude! I will add that you have a major say in what happens here too Claude.

Well done and Congrats. Best wishes to the organization.

Hi Kenrick,

Thanks...........everyone is invited to be a part of this pan organization

Salah: By joining this organization you took a step in the right direction (I think) towards the MINISTRY OF PAN. It is going to be a LONG ROAD and maybe you are not going to PAVE IT ALL THE WAY.

But that is the nature of PROGRESS!!!


Good luck guys. Bertel, I know you tried to get me involved with the movement. I will visit you in September.


Congratulations to all... you have my support, 150%.

Thanks Jerry! Please speak with Salah as soon as he returns.

I must say I am disappointed with MYSELF for not knowing about this meeting, I thought I was in this from the beginning but somehow I took a wrong turn along the way and got lost, I am surprised though that Salah and Cary did not even hint or say Junior boy you know bout the meeting in Belmont? Lets get this straight I BLAME MYSELF for not knowing, and if Sala and Cary really know me they know I always own up, as I am doing now, and move on, so.

Congratulations to all, I truly wish the best if even because I have a 19 and 15 year old very active in the pan world both with Cary and birdsong, and I know only good can come from this for their future.

I have no plans on forgiving myself for missing this first meeting, simply because I am to old to to join a race after it has started. I could not handle the insults and ridicule when I tried to contribute on this forum, and my way of dealing with anything I do not like is to stay away from it, that is why I was not as active as I should have been, so I missed out. forward ever backwards never. OUT


Junior my brother I humbly apologize for what may seem to be a slight.However having returned from Antigua I was invited to a meeting to discuss the formation of XL4PAN. I just took note of the date and continued dealing with the challenges facing my band and my own health issues.I was not aware of who were invited or not, but I was and always will be interested in all Pan matters, so I made myself available.If you know me bro you will realize I'm not the type of person to go calling others to find out who know or don't, when all I have to do is attend and find out. Had I been told to invite other persons who I feel may be interested then I would have followed those instructions.However the organization is open to anyone willing to make a contribution towards the further development of the art form and that matter was raised in that first meeting.The photo was posted on WST to raise awareness and to gather feedback from interested persons. I do believe that you have a valuable contribution to make and you and others that I have listed will be hearing from me soon.I am awaiting word from the Secretary and Treasurer who were given tasks to complete before we can set the date for the next meeting.Looking forward to your continued love and support. God's blessings to you and yours.

Cary: There are leaders (like Bertel Gittens and Salah Wilson) and followers. This organization needs LEADERS. We can't let the TAIL wag the DOG!

Thank you My Brother I will stay as close to you and yours as I always have, and my children, you have as always. To reiterate I blame myself for not knowing, and I am accustomed to living with the results of any mistakes I have made in life before this is only one more.


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