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What the bands are playing - Trinidad and Tobago Panorama 2016

o = Junior Panorama | s = Small | m = Medium | l = Large





s Antillean All Stars "Carnival Tabanca" Glen "Zola" Williams
m Arima Angel Harps "Dance Floor" Shelton C. Besson
s Arima Golden Symphony "D Greatest Invention" Terrance "BJ" Marcelle
s B Minor "Mind Yuh Business" Bertram Pablo Brewster
m Belmont 5th Dimension Long Time Clive Telemaque
o birdsong Academy "Love up T&T" Nicholas Jones
l birdsong Steel Orchestra Dis 1. 4 . Raf Andy Narell
o Bishop Anstey & Trinity College East "Bum Bum" Aviel Scanterbury
o Blazers of Steel (St. Joseph’s Secondary) "Pop A Bottle" Brandon Valley
s Blue Diamonds "Soca Pan Tuner" Kwesi Paul
s Bon Air Rhythm Rockers Woman is Boss Shaun Marcano
m Buccooneers "Bass on Fire" Seion Gomez
s Casablanca "Big Mama" Michael Gabriel
s Central Symphony "Hooked" Tony Williams
s Cocorite West Wind "Tourist Leggo" Edward Wade
m Couva Joylanders "Come with It" Kareem Brown
s Crown Cordaans "She Coming" Khari Codrington
s Crescendoes Musicale "Free Up" Curtis Edwards
m Curepe Scherzando Madness Yohan Popwell
s Dem Boys "Pan Night And Day" Ricardo Dennis
l Desperadoes "Different Me" Carlton “Zanda” Alexander
m Dixieland "Soca Baptist" Leon “Smooth” Edwards
l Exodus 'De Big Yard" Pelham Goddard
s Fascinators Pan Symphony "Like Ah Boss" Yohan Popwell
o Fifth Company Baptist Rising Stars "Like Ah Boss" Aquil Arrindell
s Five Rivers Modern Symphony Pan In Danger Erwin Lewis
s Flamingoes "Bassline" Salah Wilson
l Fonclaire "Bass on Fire" Ken “Professor” Philmore
s Fusion Steel "Doh Back Back" Dike Samaai
m Genesis Pan Groove "Pan By Storm" Lenny Lera
s Golden Hands "Young and Free" Vanessa Headley
o Guaico Presbyterian School "Place in Life" Kayle Noel
l Harmonites "Soca Have Dem So" Earl La Pierre
s Harvard Harps "Shakin' It" Douglas “Dougie” Redon
m Hatters "Shakin' It" Jeannine Remy & KevinMc Leod
s Highlanders "Ding Ding" Kareem Brown
s Hummingbirds Pan Groove "Red Light District" Murchinson Jules
l Invaders "Take That" Arddin Herbert
o Invaders Youth "High Mas" Jamal Gibbs
s Jay Notes In De Minor Akia Brown
s Kalomo Kings "The Jammer" Jason Farrell
m Katzenjammers "I Don't Mind" Terrance “BJ” Marcelle
l La Brea Nightingales "Nostalgia" Terrance “BJ” Marcelle
s La Horquetta Pan Groove "Raising Dust" Kion Robinson
o LH Pan Academy "Like Ah Boss" Aviel Scanterbury
s Laventille Serenaders "Pan Jumbie" Arddin Herbert
s Longdenville Claytones "Band From Space" Keith Salcedo
s Mt. Moriah Pan Movement "No Apology" Nichaeus Richards
m Melodians "Fete" Amrit Samaroo
s Merry Tones "Nostalgia" A. Eric Mc Allister
s Moods "Mash It Up" Ken “Professor” Philmore
s Morne Diablo Funkadelic "Shakin' It" Roland “Moose” Joseph
  Music Makers Steel Symphony "Progress" Rodney Wilkes
s Musical Gems "Pan On The Street" Renwick Lewis
s Musical Harps "Legacy" Dale Mc Donald
s New East Side Dimension "Both Ah Dem" Mikhail Salcedo
s New Generation We Can't Go On This Way Rory Aleong
  New World Symphony --- Vishnu Paria
  Nu-Tones "Dus' In Deh Face" Marlon White
s Old Tech "Guitar Pan" Sean Ramsey
s Our Boys "Gimme More" Anselm Campbell
m Pamberi "First Time" Brian Villafana
m Pan Elders "Me Eh Fighting" Duvone Stewart
m Parry's Pan School "Ah Have It Hard" Selwyn "Parry" Paul
m Panatics "Rocket Man" Reynold “Pro” Huggins
s Pandemonium "My House" Akua Leith
s Panosonic Connection ''Soca Have Dem So" Atiba Sherwood
l Phase II Pan Groove "Madd Music" Len "Boogsie" Sharpe
s Platinum "Unknown Band" Natasha Joseph
o Pleasantville Secondary "Dus' In Deh Face" Aquil Arrindell & David Goddard
s Potential Symphony "Nostalgia" Seion Gomez
m Power Stars "Pan Earthquake" Akiba Joseph
l Redemption Sound Setters "No No We Eh Going Home" Micheal Toby & Darren Sheppard
o Revelation Institute of Performing Education (RIPE) "Pan By Storm" Dante Pantin
l Renegades "Music Inside Meh Head" Duvone Stewart
o Renegades Youth "Calypso Music" Andrew Charles
s Roadblock ''Madness" Lyndon “Papa Chunks” Spencer
m St. Margaret’s Superstars "Ben Lion" Shenelle Abraham
o St. Margaret’s Youth "Hooked" Shaquille Noel
o St. Mary’s Government Primary "Remedy" Aquil Arrindell
o San City Juniors "Ah Feeling" Jorder Lewis /Kenalika Buzwell/Justin Merdin
m San City Steel Symphony "Happy" Aquil Arrindell
o Santa Maria "Possessed" Aquil Arrindell
l Sangre Grande Cordettes "A Groovy Song For Pan" Khion De Las
m Sforzata "Different Me" Triston Marcano
s Siparia Deltones "Bun Dem" Carlton “Zanda” Alexander
l Silver Stars "Panoramic" Liam Teague
s Sinple Song "Bum Bum" Earl Brooks
l Skiffle "How She Like It" Marc Brooks/Kendall
m Sound Specialists of Laventille "The Ganges & The Nile" Ken “Professor” Philmore
m Southern Marines Steelband Foundation ''Madness" Malomo Joseph
o Speyside Secondary School "Gie Dem Tempo" Joshua Jerry
s Starland Woman On the Bass Godwin Bowen
o Starlift Junior "My House" Natasha Joseph
l Starlift "Bass on Fire" Robert Greenidge
s Steel Sensations "The Magicians" Joshua Jerry
m Steel Xplosion "Wanted Dead or Alive" Arddin Herbert
o Success Stars Pan Sounds "Roxanne" Mickiel Gabriel
l Supernovas "Breakthrough" Amrit Samaroo
s Tamana Pioneers "Mystery Band" Richard Gittens
s Tobago Pan-Thers "Signal to Lara" Robert Tobitt
s Todd’s Road Rhythem Raiders "My House" Hudson Henry
m Tokyo "Long Time" Barry Mannette
s Tornadoes "Mash It Up" Shervon Edwards
s Tremolandos "Portrait of Trinidad" Michael M. Antoine
l Trinidad All Stars "Leave We Alone" Leon “Smooth” Edwards
s Trinidad Pan Jewels “Lying Excuses” Gary Raymond
s Trinidad Valley Harps "Margarita" Stefon "Redo" Thomas
l Tropical Angel Harps "Nostalgia" Clarence Morris
s T&T Music Stars "Ah Feeling" Mugabe Pierre
s Tunapuna All Stars "Play De Music" Kimberli St. Clair
s Tunapuna Tipica "Dem Judges" Harold Headley & Denzil Headley
s Uptown Fascinators "This Party Is It" Micheal Toby &
Leeandro Noray
m Valley Harps "Get Up And Dance" Michelle Huggins–Watts
m West Side Symphony "Dead or Alive" Mickiel Gabriel
m Western Stars Philharmonics "Unforgettable" Len "Boogsie" Sharpe
s West Stars "Pan In Yuh Rookungutungkung" Lincoln “Fats” Waldron
m Xpress 21 "Guitar Pan" Simeon Superville

o = Junior Panorama

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Is Carlton "Zanda" Alexander one and the same as Clive "Zanda" Alexander?

They are brothers.

Thank you Noah.

If memory serves me right Carlton has won panorama in smaller bands category on two occasions. His unorthodox style is worth taking note of and is currently doing some great

work with Desperadoes.

WST please use basic black for the letters and not yellow, green nor orange/pink for better reading. Thanks.


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