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Who is the Inventor of Today's DOUBLE SECOND?

Can somebody tell me Who is the Inventor of Today's DOUBLE SECOND that is Standardized presently? I thought it was Ellie Mannette, I always find myself saying  "Ellie Double Second".(See Attachment).

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In this Article, they say Ellie Mannette Created the DOUBLE SECOND in the early 50's  http://www.indianasteelpan.org/pan-history/

Who is claiming it other than Ellie?

Although Ellie claims that (and practically everything else), the inventor of the double second is Ernest Ferreira, founder of Dixieland, as documented in the Trinidad Guardian (with photos):


“Dixieland Steelband yesterday revealed the result of two months of planning and work – a second pan with 23 notes. The average second pan has about 12 notes. This 23-note pan is considered one of the most important improvements in steel music since TASPO’s tenor and bass booms.

Constructed of two pans welded by iron rods, it has two complete scales of three octaves in E Flat. Any tune can be played on it just as on a first pan.

The idea for this pan originated with Dixieland’s leader, Ernest Ferreira, and the builder was steelpan maker and tuner Percy Thomas, (seen in picture), of Belmont Ccircuclar Road, who is also a member of the band.

Dixieland plans to add about four more such pans to its band before going on to another idea in a first pan with 35 notes.”

Trinidad Guardian, August 23, 1952

Mr. Neville Jules also said that Ellie did not create the double second in a WST interview.


So, Is it safe to say that the Inventor of the Double Second is  Ernest Ferreira?, When somebody ask, What style Double Second is that? We should be saying, It's a  Ernest Ferreira Double Second. (if this is true, it's very interesting)

Bede I think it is common knowledge among Trinidadians that Ellie did not event the double second. He perfected the idea. Ellie has foreigners duped. He needs to come clean.


Bugs You have it so right. Ellie Manette distorted to True History of our Pan evolution. He ran to the US and Claimed a lot of Inventions that He had nothing to do with. In American Lore He is Considered the Godfather of Pan. But its all a Big Lie. He is afraid to Challenge Neville Jules on any Forum to Dismiss His Claims!

Bertie Marshall, steelpan innovator extraordinaire, also displayed his gifted talents as arranger, player, and band leader with the now defunct HIghlanders steelband of Laventille beginning in 1957. In 1965 he created amplified pans, culminating in 1971 with the Bertiphone which combined tone control and amplification. He modernized the earlier lead and double second pans by adding more space between the notes, as they had been too crowded. He revolutionized pan tuning by introducing harmonics and complex tuning. This tuning method creates the sound of pan we enjoy today. He designed and introduced the double tenor, dubbed by some as the perfect pan.

The first band to use amplification in steelband was TRIPOLI from St. James. Not Bertie Marshall. EOS.

Bertie Marshal was indeed one of our Best Steel Pan Creators. The Double Second was Invented for its Harmony. The First Band that Bertie tuned the Double Tenor for was City Symphony of St. Paul Street Port of Spain.

Yes, believe it. There was no documentation in those(?) days, hence the reason why I'll say I invented one of those. Take yuh pick.

The Second Pan was created By BELGRAVE BONAPARTE  From La brea . (Southern Symphony


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