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With 2016 PANORAMA  almost upon us I am sure many PAN MEN AND WOMEN will be playing with many different bands in all categories for PANORAMA. We all know this has been going on for years. I recently read a post by VALANTINE YOUNG my bro who said he was a DESPERS player and support them all the time, he also said they are the best PANORAMA BAND and have the best  players and he played tenor pan with them in 68 and 69 then he played with STARLIFF, TOKYO, HARMONITES AND EXODUS. I don't know the circumstances why he played  with these other GREAT BANDS and who he was supporting to win when he played with them.  MERRYTONESTOTHEBONES sounds loyal to his BAND. BERTEL  AND CECIL are  loyal to BOOGSIE and the PHASE. GLENROY always supports his SOUTH BAND. IAN is  loyal to DESPERS. CLAUDE has a mind of his own. to name just a few. MY QUESTION is  DIE HARD STEELBANDS MEN AND WOMEN (LOYALTY PLAYING AND OR SUPPORTING THEIR BAND ONLY) A DIEING BREED OR EAT AH FOOD MENTALITY.

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Earl Richards you should post some more and reduce my guilt.

Pan people today realize that loyalty interferes with how much food they eat, playing with as much bands as possible  is their way of looking out for self. Everyone understand what's going on today, pan people just learn how to play the game.

Great post Earl...

If Panorama was part of a real industry and by extension a viable entertainment industry in Trinidad and Tobago this dilemma you raise could not happen, would not happen and should not happen because it does not make business sense. No player should be allowed to play for more than one band. This is destructive to the culture, the competition and the financial structure of the best bands. However, players should be able to negotiate their services to the highest bidder. There must also be a cap on how much management can spend on players for at least 5 years.  This will allow things to normalize themselves. Bands with bad management can now go away peacefully. The overall product will get stronger.


Bugs, the players are the main people in panorama, I don't see why anyone should prohibit them from making money, Pan Trinbago makes money, Tuners and arrangers make money, why should they be told what to do.

If players were allowed to negotiate their services how many steelbands can afford 3k for the season? The players always get the shitty end of the stick, now they are pushing back.

So what if the big bands can't get players? it might affect how they sound and the quality of the show, but the show will still go on and PT, Arrangers and Tuners still make money.Pan People just realize their value.

Cecil I am thinking about the players.

How do you turn this into a serious money making industry for the players? Cecil stop thinking with your heart. If you want to help the players you have to think like a businessman. The singlepan, small bands, and medium bands cannot support an industry. Let the Trinidad government and Pan Trinbago deal with those categories .

Year One

Two hour show -- begins at 9pm EST... On Panorama Saturday... head to head - We will rent the Soca Drome or hold the event in South

Only eight band allowed - (7 large bands (of my choice) and the top medium band) - 140 players per band max  - exclusive contract -

$1 million for global marketing

$3 million US - winner takes all -- One night performance

$150,000 US - Entry award for each band

Streamed for free on YouTube in association with YouTube.

Each band is to be associated with a major music artist -- ex - Adele, Rhianna, Snoop Dog, Queen Latifia, Mary J Blige, Beyoncé, WyCleff, Alicia Keys -- Hotels, Airlines will pick up their appearance fees for being on stage with band... They only have to be on stage with their band for eight minutes...

Year Two --

Break even

Year Three --

Turn a profit


Aye Bugs, Like you have ah "blue print" too, lets get it off to the authorities in the Mecca

Bugs got it, this is BIG PICTURE thinking, I will include foreign judges with a NY Panorama format promoting innovation to capture a world beat.

Yes ODW. And most importantly - not a dime is coming from Trinidad and Tobago. All outside or private funding. No one can complain that their money was taken or diverted from them.


Cecil I forgot Nicki Minaj... Stars have a way of extracting stars. The private sector of Trinidad and Tobago will not invest in pan. But they will invest in an opportunity to be associated with these mega stars and pan. Especially those businesses who have global aspirations. It's a no loose situation for the stars. They make a quick buck for literally showing their face and being associated with a band for eight minutes in the worst case.  But I'm sure they will take a deeper interest in the bands and the young people performing. Alicia Keys, Queen Latifa,Wycelf and Niki Minaj already have a big interest in young people performing music.


It is all a result of the panorama culture, people, on so many levels.

(I keep repeating myself)

Community and band loyalties has been sacrificed as bands  seek more and better players from anywhere , with no loyalty to band or community.

For the smaller bands that get knocked out of the panorama early, there is nothing left for their best players in that Carnival cycle but to join another band if possible, or at least to hedge their bets by joining multiple bands early enough to have options..

Any future for the steelband movement in Trinidad and Tobago demands a thorough, scholastic examination of the impact of the Panorama on the steelband and its culture , positive and negative.

However, this is something we seem reluctant to do.

Glenroy It's not the bands seeking better players, it is the players seeking to make more money.

The saying is "if it ain't brake doh fix it" In the Mecca they doh even know it's broken.

Best players always gravitate to the bands with big arranger's (it's only practical,we all want to be in it as long as possible)I remember despers their second string could match any band.it's not about players but about the quality(our schools produce players by the hundreds each year)it lies in how our bands develope them,what incentives we give them,most bands play for panorama fees,no constructive agendas for devoloping band as whole example all stars,renegades,invaders, players socialize.the best players will leave if there is not that comradity


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