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The keepers of our past... [film Footage captured of Trinidad Carnival by a American visitor in 1956-57 ] The still of the masquerader sitting on the back of...

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Comment by paddy corea on January 14, 2015 at 6:35pm

OH GOD  PEOPLE GET YOUR HISTORY RIGHT FOR ONCE NAH.. The same thing is happening to the history of pan. Every johnny come lately writing about this fella invent this and that fella invent that. They are ALL soooo wrong. The caption at the beginning says carnival 1956-57..  The voice over  persons who apparently dont know or lost their memory invoking the name of George Bailey when IMPERIAL ROME  crossed the stage. George Bailey was still INVADERS mas designer at that time.. His first attempt into the big band BAND OF THE YEAR  realm was BACK TO AFRICA (HE WON THAT YEAR) beating Trinidads greatest mas  maker (Harold Saldenha  =HOLY  WAR)   BAILEYS 2ND BAND 1959 WAS  RELICS OF EGYPT (Bof the Y) which in my opinion was the BEST  MAS PRODUCTION EVER (bar none) and I say that even tho I am a SALDY  supporter.  The following year BAILEY did  YE SAGA OF MERRIE ENGLAND. From that year his skills waned. paddy corea

Comment by Rum-Pan on April 7, 2011 at 3:11am
Like a this!National Treasure trove.........

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