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Congratulations to Master Arranger Duvone Stewart, Michael Marcano, Candice Brumant-Andrews & the Renegades Steel Orchestra

When Steel Talks extends special congratulations to Master Arranger Duvone Stewart, Captain Candice Brumant-Andrews, President Michael Marcano, the entire Renegades Steel Orchestra and supporting staff. You were outstanding throughout the 2019 Panorama season. You continue to solidify your greatness. We are proud of you!

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Congratulations to all of the winners for carnival 2019

I would like to add my sincere congratulations to a great man and a great arranger on what you have achieved may you continue to create great music for all to enjoy. apologies on my prediction.

CONGRATULATIONS  are in  order to all the performing Bands for the 2019  Panorama.

I take it that there will be a Special General Meeting of Pan Trinbago  to amend some of their rules and be more specific 

to avoid any such situations happening subsequently.

Will there be a Post-mortem of this year's proceedings ? and if so, when.

CONGRATULATIONS RENEGADES. I enjoyed the performance very much. And, When Steel Talks, who is this wonderful artist who created this art, please.


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