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Happy Birthday Neville Jules - Steelpan Titan revisited in WST Interview

Happy Birthday Neville Jules - Steelpan Titan revisited in WST Interview
There are a collective few who bear the distinction of being universally recognized as members of that unique, and special fraternity we at When Steel Talks refer to as Giants and Titans of "Pan and the Steelpan Movement." Through their intellect, talents, genius, innovativeness, sacrifices, foresight and leadership they forged a path to greatness for a marvelous invention known as 'Pan' - all the while showcasing the genius and indomitable spirit of man.

Mr. Neville Jules is without doubt one of these Titans. Mr. Jules - in addition to being a steelpan inventor, arranger, manager and captain - was foremost a molder of men and character - and he led by example.
In 2003 When Steel Talks had the honor of interviewing Mr. Jules at our studios in what will always be one of our most rewarding, informative, fact-filled and historical interviews. Mr. Jules gave us a unique and personal vantage point on the development of the pan movement as one who was both involved, and present.

When Steel Talks wishes the former captain and founding member of the world-renowned Trinidad All Stars, a very, very Happy Birthday.

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I am honoured to have the opportunity to not only meet, but to get to know this distinguished human being; to spend time with him, learning from him, and experiencing living history right before me. I have also had the pleasure of performing his uniquely sweet and catchy music with All Stars in many a carnival.

Thank you 'Cap', and congratulations in advance on your 82nd birthday. All the best and may you live to see many many more in good health!

Happy Birthday to a true great.

Happy Birthday Mr. Jules

Wishing you a beautiful day with the love of family and friends and blessings from the Most High showered upon you,
making your heart sing with joy.

I feel honoured to send you greetings.

Thank you WST for making this possible.

Blessed love
I am happy to have the pleasure and privilege to send greetings to this great icon,innovator,arranger in the steelband world. Thanks W Steel Talks for making this possible.
Mr. Jules, on behalf of my music school, Music Makers and myself I wish you all the best on your birthday and may The Lord continue to bless you.
Merle Albino-de Coteau
Happy Birthday, Mr. Jules!

I have heard your name mentioned many times over the years in many different pan circles; I have had the privilege of seeing you live at the World Steel Band Music Festival held at Madison Square Garden. You were seated in the front row not to far from where I was sitting. All the reports from all quarters are that you are a true legend and a man of great integrity; therefore it is a great pleasure for me to wish you a happy 82nd birthday and I pray you will have many, many more.

Thank you for your honesty in reporting history as it unfolded before your eyes in regards to pan.
Happy Birthday, Mr. Jules and may God bless you with many more!
Here's wishing you neville a happy birthday. Hope you live to see many more.This is comming from Kelly. Tobago. You might not remember who it is off hand But you can ask Ronnie or Cathy.
Happy Birthday Daddy.....You've been my hero from the moment you brought me into this world. I love, admire & respect you tremendously. Your humility continues to be a lifelong lesson for me. From all of us: Elaine, your grandchildren Sean & Stefany we wish you many more years of health and prosperity. Continue your 'knock' at the crease Cap!!
With love & God's richest blessings.....
Your son Keith
happy birthday neville and all the best for the future.
Hi Cap,

Let me take the opportunity to wish you a happy birthday,may God give you health and strength to see many more.

Happy Birthday Mr. Jules and all the best.


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