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Revisted - How Pan (and Neville Jules) Saved My Life

 by Dalton Narine

Global - I met Pete many, many nightmares ago at a Veterans Administration (VA) hospital in New York City. He’d left his legs in a booby trap in Vietnam. So they doped him up to alleviate chronic pain. When doctors stopped the meds, a friend on the ward helped out with heroin. Pete got hooked. And life returned as a figment of hell. 

....Jules considered my condition, then reintroduced me to the music and All Stars’ extreme regimen, which became an alternate way of life. The detoxification was slow but measured. The music sweet. The Panorama was coming up. The Bomb song and other road music loomed on the playlist. The work ethic and camaraderie back in the jungle pushed through to the yard. And, by the time Carnival was over I’d all but weaned myself off the drug.
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Great Story.

The real deal.  Thanks for sharing Mr. Narine.

Very interesting and most informative. hats off to the sensitivity of Neville Jules and the brotherhood of PAN.

A touching story of personal survival, so eloquently written.

Thanks for sharing, Mr.Narine. All hail to Neville Jules and the All Stars comrades in PAN.

 Greetings: A fantastic story! Pan and Brother Jules are healers. Guidance1 Dr. Lance

Hi Dalton:  I feel you brother, as a veteran of many wars from Vietnam to Operation Iraqi freedom I am happy you step forward with your story, unfortunately there is still a slew of Trini Veteran who is suffering in silence, I beg you brother that if you know of one reach out to her/him (yes we do have female out there too).  Keep strong brother. Peace.     

You have live too tell your story.......thank you for sharing it."Dolton....blessed

Hey Dalton, how about an article on my mentor the granddaddy of Pan in New York Rudolf King. aka: Curly, aka: Tahzann


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