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 are we surprised

 same khaki pants- different style

The problem is that,you all are not sure to get paid.What you all had was to do was to boycott 2014 Panorama.

And then Pan-Trinbago would had to pay you all on the spot,But right now I am not sure if Pan-trinbago will pay you all..

Good point David, but a few years ago a famous panman told me: We held a meeting and 90% agreed to do something that could have benefited the pan movement, but when the time came only himself and a few other bodies were there, the other 80% did a 180. 

My take is, how much of us will sacrifice $100.00 in protest to gain a $1.00?


This shows what kind of respect PanTrinbago has for pan people.

This foolishness has got to end. Have we not learnt one damn thing yet? Where all the Green Money gorn, PANama? David, that kina talk 'bout boycott goh bring back de Ghost from de dead, so careful. ;-) But seriously, we need to reach out for a new vision an panicle, ent... > http://whensteeltalks.ning.com/forum/topics/panicle-and-new-visiona...

All this going on and the Minister of Culture playing  dumb, it is his ministry that bankroll all PanTrinbago projects.

Pan people in the Mecca have to turn up the heat on him.

With this outstanding debt to those steelbands, why is Pantrinbago pushing another steelband event  the International Panorama  in 2015. An event that will be an enormous bill for any steelband attending from outside of Trinidad. I have to admit I am no fan of Mr. Diaz and Pantrinbago, as Chairperson of USSA I had to refrain from any public negative remarks, (professional courtesy). Now that I am no longer restricted, I will speak my mind. 

They (Pantrinbago) have the audacity to talk about another event when they still owe from the last one and can't say when the payment will be made. Now I have been in similar situations as the head of a steelband association, 2001, 2002, 2011 and 2012 and we were able to make good on our obligations in all but one year, and I am deeply sorry about that, however we are or was not of the caliber and prominence of Pantrinbago nor did we have the Government of the country poring millions of free dollars into the event. If "Pan is Beautiful" an event they are aware will occur years before it happens, and are unable to pay their prize awards, how, how in hell are they going to award the prizes for an event slated in August of 2015.

A matter of fact I understand he being Mr. Diaz is or was in New York last night. Question at who's expense?

Steelbands of Trinidad and Tobago you are the power of Pantrinbago, you have the power, it has been some years since I last viewed your By-Laws, but you should have the right to move and pass a "vote of no confidence" to remove him (Mr. Diaz) and any other Officer that is not operating in the best interest of the organization.

Look into it !!!!!!!!!!!

Mr Marcelle,

I'm glad that you are no longer restricted and could speak yuh mind. Pan People in the Mecca go about like they have no power, this is why Mr Diaz is not afraid of anyone, and I have a feeling he is making sure that anytime he is removed it will be impossible for anyone to clean up after him.

No one ever called for an investigation into his personal finances, any one knows his salary?

No one is saying anything about him using PanTrinbago finances to fight the New Visionaries.

No one is saying anything about his mandate was up  2 years ago.

Why is the President and Minister of Culture of T&T endorsing anything this man does at this point, I'm sure that they could ask the Chief Justice to do something about matter before the courts. This man is running PT like a Dictatorship and everyone is just letting hin.


This excerpt from Trinidad Guardian should  shed light on Mr. Diaz where abouts...

Sponsor's Cuts hurt pan

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

"In his address, given in the absence of Pan Trinbago president Keith Diaz, vice-president Byron Serrette echoed Mendez’s sentiments of the critical reduction of sponsorship to steelbands and pan events from the corporate world.

“Sponsorship has always been a challenge to the steelband movement,” said Serrette. “Over the years this has been significantly dwindling.”

Diaz, with Pan Trinbago secretary Richard Forteau, are in Illinois, USA, at Northern Illinois University, to discuss plans for next year's International Panorama competition and conference.

An executive member of Pan Trinbago alluded to current plans by the organisation to initiate a venture to make Pan Trinbago completely self-sufficient by 2015. The steelband body is currently engaged in discussion with the state in an effort to make this venture a reality."

His where about is not the issue or the reason he is here in the United States. It is the bands that are currently unpaid and when will they receive their awards. I have been told by a very reliably source the Mr. Diaz knew there was no money to pay the bands before the competition began. Question, if that is true, did he inform the bands of that situation prior to or well after?

Again members of Pantrinbago, a vote of no confidence will take care of the problem with Mr. Diaz, just make sure that you have a viable option to depend on. Clean house then set the people in place that will do justice to your membership, I don't know if The New Visionaries are the answer but what I do know Mr. Diaz needs to be voted out, if Pantrinbago is to be saved and set on the right course. I don't hate Mr. Diaz, I just simply believe that he is not the right person for the job, never have and never will.

Was not Mr Cliff Alexis in Trinidad and Tobago for Carnival 2014?


I know I'm off topic but you know that's not how things work in Trini politricks, Mr Alexis was in Trinidad to receive an award.

In order for Diaz and Forteau to discuss plans for the International Panorama and conference he had to travel to meet face to face with Mr Alexis and his group in Illinois. They most likely will be travelling to the other countries like Japan, Sweden, London and Europe.

You see the organization don’t believe in video/phone conferencing, skyping or emails as means of communicating.
The travel expense is part of the operating budget and is a justifiable expense for this major world event. I could be wrong, just something to think about.


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