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Trinidad and Tobago Steelband Panorama and Carnival Schedule 2020


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A CRACKSHOT like merrytonestothebone could play for two medium bands in TOBAGO on February 16th. And then he could come back to TRINIDAD and have SIX DAYS to practice with TWO LARGE BANDS and to perform at the LARGE FINALS on the February 22nd.

Money like RAIN for MERRYTONESTOTHEBONE and dem CRACKSHOTS now that it is 140 PLAYERS on STAGE!!!

Claude!!! You know Cecil  loves to hear the iron loud in bands for Panorama, Now that it is 140 players on stage, Bands will increase their engine room and he could come down for Panorama 2020 and jam some iron with The Phase.


earl richards, there is nothing like ah  man wid ah single iron cuttin in ah steelband, but they dumb down the sound of iron in steelband today, they prefer the bongo playin the melody and the big drum drowning out everybody. But 140 players go take up the whole stage and man pay go be smaller, players always get the shitty end of the stick.

Dah is wha we talkin' 'bout Claude...Actually, dah is we vote for too...Well not me... I wasn't so damn stupid... And 'easy money' could never entice me...I in this pan town too long to not know that"what sweet in goat mouth, sours elsewhere"...

Are these dates confirmed and official?  Pan semis are on Sunday?   I don't see any dates on Pantribago website.  I want to book tickets this week and don't want to have the wrong dates.

I admire and applaud your keen sense of observation.

T O B A G O is what remains T E N T A T I V E, expressly T E N T A T I V E (I sincerely hope that they pull it off so that my good name will not be dragged in the mud)

PANORAMA FINALS undoubtedly will be held at the Queens Park Savannah (as is the custom) on the evening of February 22nd 2020, carnival Saturday.



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