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1949- Gov. Baldwin & Hell's Gate Steel Orchestra

Agreat multitude gathered in St. John's to see Governor Baldwin, Earl of Bwedley. In the late 1940s Governor Baldwin, because of his love for the “grassroot people” and the Steel Bands, eliminated the “NO PLAY ZONE”. He also refused to submit to the many requests from the aristocrats, to outlaw the Steel Bands. His response to the numerous petitions that was sent to him was this, “if you can stop your dogs from barking all night long, then your requests may be considered”. While the dogs of these same disgruntled aristocrats barked all night long, the Steel Bands performed for very short periods. The early pan men, women and their supporters were subjected to dogs been released after them by some of these disgruntled aristocrats. Governor Baldwin was also responsible for the Steel Bands performing at the Government House on special occasions. This was a milestone achieved by the Antiguan Steel Bands. Governor Baldwin referred to the pan as “the poor man’s piano”.

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Comment by terry on May 7, 2013 at 4:12pm

Hell's Gate still going strong after 68 years !!

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