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7 - Updates (alleged meeting) ABPA 2013 Panorama


From: Stone Johnson a href="mailto:stonenrico@yahoo.com" target="_blank">stonenrico@yahoo.com>

Date: Sat, 20 Jul 2013 04:46:54 -0700 (PDT)

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ReplyTo: Stone Johnson a href="mailto:stonenrico@yahoo.com" target="_blank">stonenrico@yahoo.com>

Subject: 2013 A.B.P.A updates





I hope all preparations for panorama and carnival is going smoothly and all the members will be putting their best foot forward.


Best of Luck to All


I was informed by some members that there was an alleged attempt for a pan association meeting on Thursday 18th July. At this meeting it would have been with members of a sub- committee. Even the A.C.B representative, Ms. Shantia Edwars inquired if i knew about this meeting. Let me make it clear, i was not informed of this meeting, nor the purpose why such a meeting was called. I don't know which bands were invited and why Gemonites and I was not informed. To make the situation even more ridiculous, those who went was told only about the parade route for j'ouvert. Information that could have been passed on differently.

I am stating that if individual or individuals who chooses to not follow the correct protocol, when conducting matters with the A.B.P.A, the Association will not recognize or accept any position or decision made. And may even choose to no longer associate with these person or persons.


I thank all members for standing in solidarity


Panache Steel Band have indicated their interest and availability for playing on the road this 2013 carnival....here is their communication that they sent to me....


Greetings Stone,

Panache wishes to advise you of our interest and availability to play on the road during

Antigua's carnival 2013.



Yours in Pan Music


Patrick "Stone" Johnson


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