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Antigua -12: Update (Observer radio 30/07/13) Panarama 2013 (A.B.P.A )


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Date: Tue, 30 Jul 2013 16:05:33 -0700 (PDT)

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ReplyTo: Stone Johnson a href="mailto:stonenrico@yahoo.com" target="_blank">stonenrico@yahoo.com>

Subject: 2013 A.B.P.A Update (Observer radio 30/07/13)





It came to my attention via observer 5.30 pm news, that the Pan Association is being pressured by Lime Hells Gate Steel Orchestra to release the names and bios of the overseas judges. Let me state that at no time was the Pan Association or I was pressured to release any information. I followed all protocols pertaining to acquiring the information on adjudicators via the President of Pan Trinbago Mr. Keith Diaz as stipulated by my members and subsequently passed on all information to Mr. Maurice Merchant and the CDC. This was done in a timely manner and as such as i get the information in return, i pass it on to my members. The CDC is the one that is responsible for judges, not the A.B.P.A and as such, information going out is the CDC's call and i have checked with Mr. Maurice Merchant. If the members believes that this is an incorrect procedure, then you the members and I are wrong. It has always been stated to me "get the information then pass it on to the CDC, let them decide not you". Let me state, a member band can make an inquire into any matters pertaining to the Association and as such i am always willing to answer, but one should be very careful where blamed is laid when it is all of us members who agreed to proceed in this manner or any manner of the A.B.P.A


I still maintain i will not get into any public debate with anyone on matters of the A.B.P.A, because it is the members whom have always said let us settle our matters in house. But there comes a time when I'll have to defend the member bands and myself.


Thank you for continued support




Patrick "Stone" Johnson

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