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Hells Gate, from the inception of the introduction of overseas arrangers and adjucators in our National Panorama, has always remained opposed to the idea. From my personal experience, Rising Sun Steel Orchestra and Hells Gate Steel Orchestra were always opposed to the idea, notwithstanding being in the minority.

We are of the view that Antigua's National Panorama is a national event and that ous nationals must be showcased and given the challenge and opportunity to advance thenmselves.

The fact that to date, the ABPA has failed to engage the local musicians in meaningful dialogue regarding any concerns the ABPA had with the 2012 Panorama results, which was adjudicated by all local  qualified and reputable musicians , but instead  have already secured four (4) overseas adjudicators and are yet to source three (3) local adjudicators to complete the panel of seven (7) adjudicators, in my view, this is not only disrespecful to the nation of Antigua and Barbuda but seems conspiratorial. Doesn't "charity begins at home anymore"?

We would  be the first to support the idea of overseas adjudicators  if Antigua was hosting a Caribbean or International Competition. However, this is not the case.

The majority of the ABPA leadership suffers from an inferiority complex, i.e., "anything that is not local is better".

To date, the ABPA leadership has not furnish the membership with the minutes of the meetings held regarding 2013 Panorama, indicating which member Band submitted the resolution to amend Rule 7 (h), who seconded the motion etc. and on what date did the amendment became effective. In fact, tha ABPA has failed to convene a General Meeting  or Elections over the past six (6) years.

We wish to register our dissatsifaction  regarding the ABPA handling of this issue and to assure Antigua and Barbuda, that on the evening of 1st August, 2013, LIME hells will represent our twin island nation with pride and dignity.

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Comment by Alexis Edwards on July 13, 2013 at 5:38pm

It is sad almost pathetic at the discord that exist in the pan fraternity,especially at the highest levels.If the energy  expended could be channeled to the development of the steel pan culture year round, instead of around Panorama time each year, we would be in a better place. Take a good look around, pan here is going no where in a hurry despite the talent that exist- reflect on the decline of Moods of pan what ever the reason - when will the Pan Association become more proactive.Is panorama the only avenue for pan, is winning the Panorama( as some of the associations big wigs are involved in bands) no matter what the only thing that matters. I am mindful that controversy in judging rages every year in Trinidad-having attending ever panorama  from 1971-2009-, Judges are vilified year after year, tempers flare,comments uncompromising,so I find it a bit  concerning that  competent(qualified)  musicians here in Antigua,are viewed with contempt,disrespect regarding the ability to judge panorama. I know for sure, that our panorama have been judged by imported judges ( not musicians) who have never judged a Panorama in Trinidad, YES. It would interesting to hear a response from our sidelined disregarded (competent) musicians.The discord need to stop,we need to pool our resources and expertise and forge a positive direction for  the art form, because as we tussle,pull and tug, the pan development and progress enjoyed in other jurisdiction around the world, will continue to leave us(light years) behind. Patrick Arnold(former President of Pan Trinbago)said in 2002 during the World Pan Festival, 'The way pan is treated in TnT (Caribbean even)we do not deserve to be called the mecca of pan.

Comment by Alexis Edwards on July 13, 2013 at 4:34pm


Comment by Kuma Rodney on July 13, 2013 at 7:06am

Please be reminded that the Pan association in Antigua & Barbuda are made up of bands and more so panorama bands. If one member don't agree with some thing, why think that the other members are crazy? Hells Gate had Representation at the said meeting, i think Stafford should write as Stafford Joseph and not on behalf of Hells Gate because Hells Gate was Represented at the meeting which dealt with the Judging issues.

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