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Antigua: Adjudicatos for 2013 National Panorama

The following was submitted to the Membership of the ABPA on 1st July, 2013. The information regarding the overseas adjudicators was received today, only after consistent prodding by the LIME Hells Gate Steel Orchestra, for the ABPA to submit the names and bios of all seven (7) adjudicators selected, as per the Rules of the ABPA.. The names were submitted for the four (4) overseas adjudicators but without their bios. The ABPA has failed to date, to satisfy the requirement as prescribed in Rule 7 subsection (B) of the ABPA Rules and Regulations for National Panorama, as it relates to the submission of adjudicators bios.

The 2013 Panorama is scheduled for 1st August, 2013.


Stafford Joseph



From Patrick Johnson, 1st July, 2013

Suggested Amendment to rule 7 (A) & (H)

(A) Composition of the adjudicating panel for panorama:- A panel of seven (7) judges will be selected to adjudicate the Antigua and Barbuda Panorama competition; two (2) judges shall serve as alternates, to substitute for one (1) or more of the five (5) judges, if necessary. This determination is to be made by the Chairperson of the Judges Committee of the ACDC.

The panel of adjudicators shall comprise the following: Four (4) overseas judges and three (3) local judges whereby one (1) of the local judges shall serve as an alternate judge and one (1) of the overseas judges shall serve as the remaining alternate.

At all times, where it is necessary to do so, a local judge should be replaced by the local alternate and an overseas judge should be replaced by the overseas alternate.

(B) Procurement of judges: - With respect to the procurement of judges mentioned in A, the ACDC is responsible for sourcing all suitable overseas judges in consultation with Pan Trinbago. With respect to local judges, the ACDC is responsible for sourcing all suitable local judges in consultation with the ABPSA.

The A.C.D.C is responsible for expenses of the adjudicators and to furnish the A.B.P.A. the name and profile (resume) of the adjudicators no later than twenty days before the day of the panorama competition.

Please note the h in the heading is referred to as b in the reference of the amendment.


Yours in Pan Music

Patrick "Stone" Johnson

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