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Antigua and Barbuda 2013 National Panorama - proposed amendment to rules


Stafford Joseph     <stovesj1955@gmail.com>


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We acknowledge receipt of the ABPA update re - proposed amendment to
National Panorama Rules for the 2013 National Panorama scheduled for
1st August, 2013.

LIME Hells Gate Steel Orchestra is of the opinion that ABPA proposed
amendment is clearly a sign of retrogression on the part of the ABPA.
We are also fully aware that as individuals or organizations, we do have
the right to choose whether or not we progress or retrogress and
certainly, the LIME Hells Gate Steel Orchestra will not stand in the
way of any individual or organization that chooses retrogression over
progression or who continues to stand in someone else's shadow in
preference of their own.

To this end, and in an effort to salvage what little pride we have as
nationals of Antigua and Barbuda in regards to valuing, respecting,
preserving and growing our local talents, the LIME Hells Gate Steel
Orchestra, submits the attached response to the ABPA's proposed


Stafford Joseph



I forwarded this portion of our rules to Mr. Maurice Merchant


This is how the members of the Pan Association is looking at this particular rule for 2013 Panorama ... it is rule 7, primarily the main area of change for this year.

PLEASE NOTE that this is a PROPOSAL and the Pan Association wishes to meet with you, Mr. Merchant, Ms. Wanda Clarke, Mr. Dave L. Payne and any other member to discuss this particular matter.

The Pan Association has seven bands earnestly preparing for the 2013 panorama and would be desirous of settling this matter of adjudication soonest.

Thank you so kindly


Your in Pan Music

Patrick "Stone" Johnson



Suggested Amendment to rule 7 (A) & (H)

(A) Composition of the adjudicating panel for panorama:- A panel of seven (7) judges will be selected to adjudicate the Antigua and Barbuda Panorama competition; two (2) judges shall serve as alternates, to substitute for one (1) or more of the five (5) judges, if necessary. This determination is to be made by the Chairperson of the Judges Committee of the ACDC.

The panel of adjudicators shall comprise the following: Four (4) overseas judges and three (3) local judges whereby one (1) of the local judges shall serve as an alternate judge and one (1) of the overseas judges shall serve as the remaining alternate.


At all times, where it is necessary to do so, a local judge should be replaced by the local alternate and an overseas judge should be replaced by the overseas alternate.

(B) Procurement of judges: - With respect to the procurement of judges mentioned in A, the ACDC is responsible for sourcing all suitable overseas judges in consultation with Pan Trinbago. With respect to local judges, the ACDC is responsible for sourcing all suitable local judges in consultation with the ABPSA.

The A.C.D.C is responsible for expenses of the adjudicators and to furnish the A.B.P.A. the name and profile (resume) of the adjudicators no later than twenty days before the day of the panorama competition.

Please note the h in the heading is referred to as b in the reference of the amendment.



Yours in Pan Music

Patrick "Stone" Johnson


 LIME Hells Gate Steel Orchestra would be obliged if the ABPA would fully explain the rationale for the proposed amendment (indicated in red) to the existing National Panorama Rules. Clearly, we are yet to be notified as to what preliminary effort was or is been made to source all local Adjudicators. Additionally, should a “genuine need” arise which necessitates the sourcing of overseas Adjudicators, LIME Hells Gate Steel Orchestra would agree to a panel comprising of seven (7) Adjudicators, with one (1) local adjudicator serving as an alternate to the local adjudicators and one (1) overseas adjudicator serving as an alternate to the other overseas adjudicator. Five (5) local qualified and reputable adjudicators sourced and agreed upon by the ABPA and the ACDC; and two (2) qualified and reputable overseas adjudicators sourced in consultation with Pan Trinbago and approved by the ABPA and the ACDC. A brief bio of ALL seven (7) selected and approved adjudicators must be submitted to the captains of ALL the participating Steel Orchestras, at least twenty (20) working days before the scheduled date of the 2013 National Panorama].


We would be obliged if the ABPA could explain the rationale for submitting the proposals to the ACDC, before the membership of the ABPA had arrived at a consensus on the proposed amendments.





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Comment by Stafford Joseph on July 4, 2013 at 6:36pm



Stafford Joseph <stovesj1955@gmail.com>    


6:06 PM (0 minutes ago)





to Asheca, Chantal,     Joseph, Keithly, Veron, Khan, Theresa, ZDK,     Alex, Lester, Toria





I thought that Patrick 'Stone' Johnson in a previous e-mail, clearly
stated that the proposals were still in the discussion stage at the
ABPA level. When did he indicate that a consensus was arrived at the
level of the ABPA? Clearly, Patrick 'Stone' Johnson would have
deceived those in the Pan fraternity who allowed him to so do. His submission (e-mail of 4th July, 2013),"after the discussion with both

parties, the CDC has decided to accept the proposed amendment to Rule

7 Adjudication as stated in the proposal". Is Patrick 'Stone' Johnson
conscious of what he wrote? Who does he intend to fool?

Is it ethical for Patrick 'Stone' Johnson, acting President of ABPA
and arranger for WIOC Gemonites Steel Orchestra, Dwayne Mussington, a
principal of Digicel Halcyon Steel Orchestra and Cuthbert Thomas, a principal of the Cool and Smooth Ebonites Steel Orchestra, being fully
aware that their respective orchestra are expected to participate in
the National 2013 Panorama, to proceed with the undertaking that is
placed in their laps by the ACDC, as indicated in the e-mail
communication of 4th July,2013?

I must give kudos to the ACDC for not choosing to be dragged into the
ABPA foolish desires.

The Steel Orchestras in Antigua and Barbuda need financial assistance
to prepare and participate in each year's National Panorama. What
financial assistance has the ABPA negotiated for, for its membership
for 2013 National Panorama?

With the current economic strangulation that Antigua and Barbuda is
experiencing, does the ACDC has the financial capacity to accommodate
four (4) overseas adjudicators ( Air fare, Accommodations and Stipend
[USD 500.00 each]). I would be obliged if the principals of the ABPA
would provide a dollar figure of the total cost for the four (4)
overseas adjudicators and inform the pan fraternity and the general
public as to the level of financial relief that amount would bring to member
bands who are participating in the 2013 National Panorama. Is this not
our National Panorama?

For the members of the ABPA who continue to postulate as musicians
while exhibiting gross disrespect for our qualified and reputable
Antigua and Barbuda musicians at home and abroad:

" There is enough in the world for everyone's need;
but not enough for everyone's greed"



Stafford Joseph

e-mail stovesj1955@gmail.com

Tel: 1 268 764 7470

Comment by Stafford Joseph on July 4, 2013 at 6:33pm

From: Stone Johnson a href="mailto:stonenrico@yahoo.com">stonenrico@yahoo.com>
Date: Thu, 4 Jul 2013 11:57:13 -0700 (PDT)
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ReplyTo: Stone Johnson a href="mailto:stonenrico@yahoo.com">stonenrico@yahoo.com>
Subject: 2013 Pan Association Updates

Members please be guided accordingly

The Pan Association met with the CDC on Tuesday 2nd June 2013 to
further discuss the matter of Rule 7 Adjudication, as the Association
has indicated and requested. Representing the Association were Mr. Dwayne Mussington, Mr. Cuthbert Thomas, Mr. Leon Rodney and Mr.Patrick
Johnson. After the discussion with both parties, the CDC has decided
to accept the proposed amendment to Rule 7 Adjudication as stated in
the proposal. The CDC went further to state that they wish that the
Association would get more involved in these matters. Thus, wants the
Association be the one to write to Pan Trinbago, as association to
association and request these judges,get the particular information
from Pan Trinbago and then pass on the pertinent information to CDC.
Let me state the A.B.P.A will not seek or contact these judges, but
can recommend from past individuals who have adjudicated in Antigua in
the past. All contacts of adjudicators will be done by Pan Trinbago. I
will begin the process of contacting Pan Trinbago and inform the
members of every step that is taken.

Bands that wish to participate in the Carnival Opening Parade, please indicate.

The opening parade committee needs to finish planning its programme.
There is a request for the champion band Lime Hells Gate Steel
Orchestra to play in the parade as champions or play prelude to the
opening ceremony at ARG. That choice, should be Hells Gate to decide,
being 2013 champions. The committee is requesting two bands for the
parade but i am pushing for three along with the band for the prelude
Thanks for your support

Yours in Pan Music

Patrick "Stone" Johnson

Comment by Stafford Joseph on July 4, 2013 at 2:59pm

Too many important things are swept under the carpet and person who profess that they care turn a blind eye.

Everyone need to know who is aware.

What I did was and is intentional.

When it comes to God's gift of the Pan, I have no secret.


Thanks for your observation. 

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