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Antigua-Barbuda 2013 National Panorama - ref: discussion of rules amendment (Observer Radio)

From: Stone Johnson a href="mailto:stonenrico@yahoo.com" target="_blank">stonenrico@yahoo.com>

Date: Tue, 2 Jul 2013 13:43:26 -0700 (PDT)

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ReplyTo: Stone Johnson a href="mailto:stonenrico@yahoo.com" target="_blank">stonenrico@yahoo.com>

Subject: 2013 Pan Association (Observer Radio)



Dear members, i received a call from an observer radio staff.... stating that they have a document from Lime Hells Gate Steel Steel Orchestra pertaining to our

amendment of Rule 7.....now this amendment had been discussed by members in the past and a draft copy sent to members for discussion purposes and feed back.

I told the lady, of which i did not request her name, from Observer, that this matter is still being discussed and wish not to make any comment on this matter, and it is an internal matter that is to be solved internally and is still being discussed.

Please note members, that this rule amendment has been sent out to members first, for feed back and suggestions.I then discussed with other members as to the next step and it was agreed to send this portion of the rules to Mr. Maurice Merchant of CDC.. as a proposal for discussion and to meet with CDC as to the way forward,when it comes to adjudication at our national panorama.

Thus,that is where we are at

Let me say that every member has had the opportunity to voice the opinion on the matter of Rule 7 Adjudication in the past and we need to settle this matter internally, soonest.


Yours in Pan Music


Patrick "Stone" Johnson


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