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Ash Wednesday Message - The Camel and The Rich Man: Pick One.

I admit; I am no Christian, but then again neither was the thief who allegedly was offered "everlasting life". I admit; I am neither Jesus Christ, nor a thief, but I am able to recognize which "camps" people belong to ('scuse the grammar). How? BY THEIR WORKS! (Caps, for emphasis.) I know that some people have the ability and skills to serve two (or more) "masters" -- God, Devil, good, evil -- and, today becomes earmarked as the day some return to their "Christianity", having served the "King of Carnival" -- Bacchus.

So, I chose today, as I hope to speak to the "God" in you, and not yesterday's "Devil". Is that okay? (Rhetoric.) The Christian leader allegedly stated that "...it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than it is for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of Heaven." Think about that extreme use of metaphorical reference for a moment...

Of course, being a (bona fide) leader, he didn't just talk the talk. As written, when offered the entire "World", he allegedly rejected the "Ruler" (you know, "Satan"), telling him that his "Father's Kingdom, is of no part of this World." Those who wanted to be in his presence had to leave ALL their "riches" behind. And, he allegedly asked, "WHAT DOES IT PROFIT A MAN TO GAIN THE WORLD AND LOSE HIS SOUL?" (Again, caps for emphasis only.)

Then, when the soulless "rich man" eventually dies (sorry; money can't buy you eternal life), the family buries them according to "Christian rites", thinking that their "rich" loved one prove Jesus Christ wrong, by getting into heaven, while we ALL know ain't NO camel getting through NO needle's eye! lol. Well; as Bob Marley sang, "...they crucified Jessus Christ..."

Point is; I "know who I am and where I stand in the struggle" (Marley) If those who claimed to be "Christian" are the very ones who crowned their own leader with thorns, I should (and do) expect similar or worse treatment by men, especially the "rich" and those who are all about "that money". Of course, karma catches up to them, as in Trump's case, but even if the laws of men don't get you, the Universal Law (i.e. karma) will. As I admitted; I am no "Christian", but I am no thief either. Just a simple man who continues to be honest to himself and others. ALL about choice! To my Christian peers, safe and happy Lenten season. Protect our women and girls!

George D. Goddard

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