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Bertie Marshall Boulevard replaces Old St.Joseph Road.

Congratulations to the Highlanders Steel Orchestra Foundation for spearheading and accomplishing their goal of renaming a popular Road in honour of Pan Icon, Pannist, Arranger, Tuner and Innovator   the late MR. BERTIE MARSHALL.

Old St. Joseph Road, named over 200 years ago which runs East in Success Village, Laventille was renamed on October 17th 2013,       BERTIE MARSHALL BOULEVARD.                                                      

I am aware that a Boulevard is used for a large roadway, so I asked a member of the foundation why they used Boulevard instead of Road. "The street may be small but Bertie Marshall was large" (lol)  

This was quite an accomplishment by the Highlanders Steel Orchestra Foundation since Mr. Marshall passed on one year ago to date.         .

Mr. Keith Diaz gave a passionate speech which included information that John Public may or may not have known about ownership of pan patents and income in billions which is generated from carnival over the last 3 years. 

I was told by another member of the foundation that this scheduled street name unveiling ceremony was sent out to Pan Trinbago, who in turn informed the various Steel Orchestras.                                     However, I saw only one representative of a major Steel Orchestra which was Mr. Errol Serrette from Phase II. This was very disappointing to me, so I called a member of Desperadoes' committee asking if he knew about the unveiling, but his answer was NO.

Thanks were extended to the Government of Trinidad & Tobago by H.S.O.F. and various councilor, minister and parliament members for aiding in bringing this to fruition.

Mr. Hamlet "Yatsie" Joseph, an original member of Highlanders was asked to give the vote of thanks speech. However, he used his time to to convey a 21st century approach for the uplifting of highlanders and pan at large, but did not reach receptive ears.

I felt sorry that the audience were not in the mood for progressive ideas. I later told him if we in the pan world do not change from tradition to innovation we will be stuck in the quagmire.

Some of the audience said his speech was not appropriate at this occasion.  Mr. Joseph said "we are in serious trouble in this country."

My personal kudos to Mr. Robert Hernandez, secretary of H.S.O.F. for not taking NO for an answer and not accepting William Street.

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Comment by masai hall on October 18, 2013 at 4:09pm

Now!  How about Bombay Street to Tony Williams Blvd?

Comment by Lydia on October 18, 2013 at 11:31am
This is very good news. We have to continue to honour our icons in the best possible way...

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