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Fleecing/Embezzling the Countries Treasury using SNSE's Big Tenor Pan to do SO...

Brian Copeland et al (and others) meaning the then PM Patrick Manning, who gave a mandate to Brian Copeland, Clement Imbert, and Junia Regrello for T&T Government in 2005, to research and creata a new family of steel pans that has already been research and created since 1949 thru 1968, Anthony Williams and St james North stars Steel orchestra Enterprise, but got caught fleecing/embezzling $34.5 million dollars in US currency from T&T's treasury, claiming Copeland invented said Genesis G-pan, SNSE 's 29 inc in diameter big tenor pan instrumemt, which technology was researched and created before he Copeland was even born, design patented in 1963, copyrighted in 1999, thru the Library of Congress, and again in 2003, more to follow...

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