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Great Lakes Steelpan Festival is Only a Month Away!

March 2013 - Crystal Lake, Illinois - www.steelpanfestival.com - Announcing to an audience of enthusiasts, musicians, aspiring artists, fans, and all community sponsors.  The launch of the First Annual Great Lakes Steelpan Festival, one of the only 100% educational festivals in the world.


Have you ever experienced the true sound of steelpan in person?  Are you an aspiring artist seeking to learn the history and the art of steelpan music and instrument?  A desire to learn from the innovators and creators of this sound and art?  Well the Great Lakes Steelpan Festival is designed for you.  This one day only educational event will showcase workshops:


-  Being a freelance musician and composing for the steelpan by Gary Gibson


-  Steelpan approach in jazz and the amazing story of Bertie Marshall by Clyde "Lightning" George


-  Ellie Mannette's firsthand experience in creating the dynamic history of the instrument!


Imagine for a moment if you had the opportunity to meet Stradivarius, or shake hands and talk with Einstein.  Would you pass such a moment or opportunity up?  Of course not.  The opportunity to sit with a master and innovator of their field, is truly an awe inspiring opportunity.  Now you can have yours!  Not many legends are truly recognized for greatness in their lifetime, but Dr. Ellie Mannette is one of the fortunate few, and you have that opportunity at GLSF 2013!


The Great Lakes Steelpan Festival is your opportunity for total immersion into the art.  Understanding and experiencing the history from those that created it and will educate you directly on it.  In addition to the powerful workshops, the festival is also offering clinics for participating bands:


-  One hour with a clinician with your prepared pieces.  Feedback, instruction, and mentoring onsite!


-  In addition the artists can choose one hour with the clinician.  Secondarily, they choose to manage their time to where the last fifteen minutes of the session for you to get a recording of their pieces.

- There are also 30 minute spots available for soloists and small groups (1-3 performers) to perform and get feedback from Gary Gibson.

- To register, go to http://steelpanfestival.com/registration/


This is the powerful side of the education.  Nothing can take the place of getting real life instruction and successful feedback from those that have perfected the art.  This festival is designed for every workshop and every clinic to bring the music to life and history.


The festival is filled with education, but also offers an amazing finale to the day.  The guest artists will be putting on a concert for all those in attendance.  The culmination of a day of musical education like no other.  The opportunity to feel, hear, and experience the power of steelpan, firsthand.


To take part in this steelpan extravaganza, ticket and scheduling information is available right now at http://www.steelpanfestival.eventbrite.com.  This must attend event is filling quickly.  This momentous day of education, performance, and meeting legends will be a the start to another great page in the book of spreading the steelpan and it's rich history. It's all happening on April 13th, 2013 so click on the URL above and get connected.  The Great Lakes Steelpan Festival and legends of the industry await!

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