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The defense has to re-file their application for an extention of time, And S.N.S.E.  will file an application requesting that the court reject the defense request, where the request for JUDGMENT has already been filed by Claimant as stipulated by the Court, and the defense is already in contempt of court, which should not be tolorated...

After the hearing, the defendent and his attorney approached us, attempting to advise us how to proceed, I can hear fear in his voice implementing that S.N.S.E. does not own the Patent; the Government does, I almost went into distruct mode; I had to restrain my composer, now the defense will have to prove  how when and where they invented / designed the 4ths & 5ths technology, as our U.S. attorneys commence on filing a Class Action Infringment Law Suit, where Professor Brian Copeland patent his G-pan & PHI -pan using S.N.S.E.'s technology in the U.S. as S.N.S.E had already copyrighted said in the U.S. over 15 years ago..

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