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I agree with Patrice that people  are not interested in the small bands. Keep the

Small Bands and Pan Around the Neck competition in August at the Savannah so they will have their own patrons and more interest will be given to them.

Go back to the Large and medium bands as before for Carnival. Why? The stands are always almost empty even in the big band competition because you split up the concert goers.

Every time Pan Trinbago changes the Panorama System they loose paying customers. Bring back the old time way the bands took part in the Panorama. The DRAG is one of the main feature of the whole competition. They all sparkle and get fired up to put on a good show.

Pan Trinbago in years gone by have eliminated and combine some of the bands and  shows but it does not work.

Why spend money on all these Police to keep the supporters out along with an Army of Officials  who are friends and families of the administrators.

The followers comes in with their bands and they leave. However, you kill the spirit of Panorama on the DRAG by rushing them and then using armed force to keep them from the side of the stage.

If you put back the bleachers on the Drag like in years gone by before the stage on each side, the organization will be able to make some money charging between 25 - 30 dollars per person.

The other big way to make money from the Panorama is to place it on Pay Per View but you have to advertise it in the foreign countries. You beg for a lot of money and yet you do not ADVERTISE THE SHOWS OUT OF TRINIDAD. The small Islands advertise their Carnival and Shows in the States. Use BET and other Stations to advertise even the Pirate Radio Stations in Brooklyn.

Pan Trinbago need some qualified managers to run their organization or a board of advisors. IF IT WAS'NT FOR WHEN STEEL TALKS THE WORLD WIDE PAN NATIONS WILL BE IN THE DARK. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

Depeza O. Veteran of TTDF, Musician/IT.

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