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I would like to encourage WHEN STEEL TALKS to conduct an interview with LEROI BOLDON, who was a hands-on witness to the early development of the steelband movement. Here is a man who has spent his entire life living, loving and supporting, not just the pan, but the culture of Trinidad and Tobago from the streets of Port-of-Spain to the shores of California.

His is an informative and historical story of one man's unheralded contribution to the artform, that should be shared with the WHEN STEEL TALKS audience, as a starting point.





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Comment by Stephanie M Aqui-Lalgee on June 26, 2012 at 8:47pm

I agree. Here is another unsung Hero to Trinidad and Tobago's culture who has brought Steelpan Music to Universities here in C.A., hosted pioneers of the country's art forms , returns home religiously to support ALL STARS and always encourages other Trinis and wannabe Trinis to support Trini artists- ask Crazy, "Happy" Williams, Cobo Jack and Boogsie.

Better yet, call upon Ancliff

"Ansel" Joseph. In Arizona he carries the Steelpan Torch to thousands of High School, College and Adult students teaching, making pans and introducing them to a culture thousands of miles away yet close to their hearts. So much so that at the recent Phoenix Carnival the road steelband comprised local youths.

Yes, there are many unsung heros who do their thing without the help of Pantrinbago. They serve their country as true patriots without Press reports, Stipends and invitations to INTERNATIONAL conferences where unknowns and pirates of the Art are glorified.

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