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(1) Skiffle changed their tune 6 days before the prelims and still placed in the top-three.

(2) St. Margaret Boys' won the Primary Schools Panorama for the 1th time since 2004.

(3) Renegades Youths with arranger Andrew Charles won their 5th  consecutive Junior Panorama for a total of 11 wins since 2002.

(4) St. Francois Girls College with arrangements from Rorry Aleong won the High Schools Panorama for the sixth time in eight years. They now share the lead with St. Augustine Secondary for most wins with 8.

(5) Miss Vanessa Headley composed the music, wrote the lyrics, vocalized the melody, arranged and led Golden Hands to victory at the Small Bands Panorama.

(6) Pan Elders/Duvone Stewart won their 5th consecutive Medium Bands Panorama.

(7) Duvone Stewart led Renegades to their 10th Large Panorama win after a 20 year slump.

(8) Duvone Stewart is the only arranger to lead different bands to victory in all 4 categories. He now has 11-Singles, 1-Small, 5-Mediums and 1-Large.

(9) Invaders, Silver Stars and Renegades were all led by female captains. Special kudos to Mrs. Candice Andrews-Brumant for becoming the first female to lead a large band to Panorama victory.

(10) Skiffle came 2nd and became the first southern entity to place in the Panorama top-three in 27 years. Also, this is first time that American born arrangers have placed this high at panorama.

(11) This is the first time that Phase II/Len Sharpe have been defeated by another band when playing the same tune. Also first time since 1997/1998 that they were out of the top-three in back to back years.

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Comment by Caesar Passée on November 10, 2018 at 9:53am

I see growth in the arena, for sure but still.....Liked that there was so much in the bass as DesperUS a line to remember. a.k.a working in in the tenOR base. Yet NYC bands have no home. No place to call their own. Go to the ATM spell IT backwards. Been there, done that, Got hurt. #neverAgain  

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