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I had once mentioned before, that i,m from a country of approximately 9 different culture and languages and as a steelpan player i played hundustani music[[[indian music//such as sohani raat/// dil liki deko,soja soha//bigi pokoe this is a type of folklore music in suriname///indonesian music,,,dutch music,,,soul,,,reggae,,,,r&b,,,waltz,,,music from the hare rama hare christna relegion,,,,now to make it more explicit once more,, MUSIC HAS NO BOUNDARIES,,,RELIGION,,,RACE,,,CULTURE OR RELIGION,,,it,s one and only one thing,,,tone for tone,,chord for chord,,and note for note,, written in only  in one international language, not in chinese,,,not in hindi,,,not in africanse,,,not in arabic,not in dutch,, in one language treble cleff,and bass cleff with the relevant notes,,,so for those that may be unware of what music really is, this is an eye opener, the steelpan playing indian music or otherwise remains to be one thing,,, ,it is music,,,,,,the only difference is whether some may understand or did pay any interest in listening before,for a musician ought to indulge in the playing of a variety of  songs from different culture, i,m always subject to correction.

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