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PA N  _ _ _

Has come a long way

But do you know::

How we got where we are today ???
The Boys 

Didn’t read music
So how did they teach it???


Well, listen up -  Listen up
Ah go tell you today

Watch "meh" hand boy
Ah, say watch meh hand!! (ping ping ping pong ) 
Ah doing it slow --- For you to understand Boy
Watch meh hand boy!!
Ah, say watch meh hand!! ( pong -pong ping pong)
And you had to catch on fast                                                    (C2) If “yuh” head hard)
To stay in the band Boy!!                                                           (You couldn’t say in the band Boy
Watch meh hand boy
Ah say watch meh hand (P  2 3 4)
And the Captain Beating out the Syncopation~~                  (kay tang "kay tang" )
And then we move so~~~                                                         (Sway left +++ Sway to the Right)
To run the solo (P- Pause)
Man to Man ( P)                                                                           (Brother Man)
That is how they used to teach pan.

V2:                                                                                                V3
PAN  _ _ _                                                                                   PAN   _ _ _

Muma used to say                                                                    People used to say
One Day One Day Congo Tae!!!                                             If yuh Boy in pan yard – they have gone astray
If your daughter step in a panyard                                         Police used to chase them (we)
The Family gone mad                                                              Police would even arrest them (we)
Look around Look around                                                       Look around Look around
Who in panyard today -> CHORUS                                         Police in panyard today  CHORUS - To Change Key

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