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Panorama Time is Bradley Time - The Great One Examined

Global - He was simply the world's greatest steelpan music arranger. Moreover, he was the one the titans of pan bowed to. This was his stage, his arena, his moment. This was his time. Panorama was "Bradley Time." Master arranger Clive Bradley, more so than any other, shaped and elevated the music and theatre of the panorama as we know it.

We revisit a musical examination of some of the Master's works by one of the most respected and gifted music talents out of the Caribbean. Frankie McIntosh provides us with an intellectual, as well as a critical and culturally perceptive interpretation of these selected panorama music works from the arranger.

In a special music extraordinaire, take a musical look at one of the recordings.

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Comment by elton williams on March 6, 2014 at 1:11pm

Playing music in Laventille under Clive Bradley is one of the great times in Steel Band History. It was when so many voices were added to the line up of instruments that  bands carried ..Quads and Bass with lower ranges and Set up arrangements on stage -Canopy covering. But most of all- the risk that people  took to go up the hill to play the music of the master. in Despers. People came from everywhere to hear Desperadoes under the tree in the Queens Park Savannah. And their was a hush when they were performing on stage. The beauty of their presentation  was awesome. People lined the streets of Port Of Spain to hear this exceptional band. Some would feel proud to pull their pans on the streets. This was the setting for the development of the movement.

Comment by Arthur Blenman on June 12, 2010 at 1:03pm
Clive Bradley was one of the most creative Panorama Arranger and this ability can be identified by his ability to win the Panorama with more than one steel orchestra and also winning the Panorama on numerous occasions.

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