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A little piece of interesting information provided by Gary Chang Leung, also an original member of Pan Necktar:-

SUNDOWN - was the first steelband using the discarded oil drums. This band was former by Gary Chang Leung, Joseph 'Mauby', Edmund Moore and Victor Toussaint. This band really took off then the William's brothers , Roy & Noel, came to live in the Petit Bourge area. it was the first band from the San Juan area to compete in the music festival at the Roxy Theatre. The songs played were 'Mambo in Brass' and 'Schubert Serenade'. The band was the first to have a sponsor and was later known as 'Carib Fascinators Sundown'.

SECOND SPRING - was a smaller band with less players, who played all year round and was a spin-off from Sundown. The band was formed by Gary Chang Leung and Francine Claude Chang Leung. Gary was considered to be the first pan-tuner and arranger in Petit Buorg. Noel Williams was the other pan tuner.

HILLTOPPERS - from Irving Street, was the next pan side. Wilfred Payne was the captain and Gary was the arranger.

SKYLARKS = aka 'The Douglas Street Hill band was another band which was followed by 'SILHOUETTES' in 1693.Cutty Francois, Panky Sobers, and Joe Lee Soy formed this band.

Henry Hosand brought out the 'Toltex Warriors' and several other mas bands.

PS Others will of course have contradictory or additional information. Please add it, rather than dismiss what he has told us (Pene)

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