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(Sandra Blood writes on the humbling of Renegades)

 Renegades extends congratulations to the bands that are cited to perform at Panorama finals come Saturday 5th February, while at the same time, thinks it fitting to addresses the unfortunate circumstance that skewed the judges ability to properly hear its rendition.

On Thursday February 10, five days before Panorama preliminaries, a feature “Renegades coming ready, deadly and lethal” graced pages B12 and B13, respectively, of the Guardian newspaper. On Sunday February 20, however, following their performance at the semi-finals, six adjudicators – Bernadette Roberts, Lennox London, Lambert Philip, Richard Pierre, Corinne Soo Ping Chow, and alternate judge, Damian Phillip – concluded that the band may have been lethal….but certainly not ready.

 This we know from their remarks and, clearly, from the points they awarded the band. 

How can five days prior to, in the preliminary leg of the competition, a tune appealed to judges, heard “clean and precise”, and on the internet as well, subsequently, further rehearsed and drilled to precision, and five days after at semi-finals, all fell down?

“Let’s hear it for band No.1 appearing in the large band category…bp Renegades,” declared the house announcer, readying the banner holders, followed by the Renegades players and supporters, and racks for the pans, to the sound of “How We Coming”, blasting from the house DJ.

Then the time to perform shortly came when a constant announcement soared through the air, requesting “the music in the North Stand to be stopped.” But no matter how repeatedly or forcefully the announcer urged, the music just continued.

A group of passionate people all warmed up, excited, confident and raring to go, to deliver a solid, acutely laid-down, well-rehearsed piece of music on a stage, where the “world governing body for pan” is hosting a prestigious competition, but they are subjected to getting cold and deflated, as the call to stop the North Stand music seems never-ending, and never heeded.

At that point, after a few minutes of the tiresome, irritating announcement, the now-confused performers-to-be, waiting in cue to take their bow, and the supporters and other spectators, have become uneasy and concerned, fully focusing on the northern side of the stage.

 Players who were facing the Grand Stand, turned around and faced the North Stand wondering whether or not the DJ over yonder wasn’t hearing the announcement, or if they weren’t seeing a band was ready to perform. Meanwhile, the spectators and supporters on the western end of the stage began shouting, drawing police presence.

 Some players were muttering: “But what is this, where d police across there to maintain order?” “Where d Pan Trinbago management team”? “It seems as though they want to frustrate us”!

The players—in their minds, and spirits – what is happening at this point in time?

We are in a quandary as to whether or not this beautiful masterpiece is ever going to be heard any time soon in the manner in which it was rehearsed – to precision.

You may have performed on a stage in the Panorama arena for over 30 years; you may have performed on TV, and to other types of audiences in many countries. No matter how frequently you do it, when the big Port of Spain Panorama moment comes, the ‘psyche’ is built up; the butterflies are tearing at the stomach, yet you remain focused on what is to be delivered and accomplished. But the environment must be reasonably conducive.

That is to say, you come with the understanding that the place of performance is ready to receive, hear, and see you. And where music is concerned, there must be no delays; relative peace and quiet, nothing seriously to disrupt your comfort level.

Should the listeners – including the adjudicators – have heard anything less than a perfect performance, how would they know it’s not a result of the ripple effect of the pre-performance commotion compounded by the constant flow of music in-between the performance? The disturbance of the mind and spirit caused by some audacious DJ/s, some selfish people who evidently lacked respect and discipline; some person or people who do not really care about the art form or what is happening on stage? People who had spent more than $300 just to come and “lime”?

What an insult to the performers, and integrity of the show by extension!

 Weren’t they aware a serious musical competition was in progress?

Clearly not, for they had secured position behind the stands--on “the greens”, oblivious to, or uncaring about, what’s transpiring in front of the massive stands.

Who is to be held accountable for the mental, spiritual and psychological disruption that caused Renegades’ demise pushing them to 13th place? What do the relevant authorities have to say for the breach of integrity of their show? 

Other big bands encountered delays of their own doing as their supporters refused to clear the stage, but not delays as lengthy as that endured by Renegades’, and the inconsiderate playing of music was curtailed.

Taking what transpired, and all of the above into account, I think the honourable thing to do is to allow Renegades to be judged for the finals. For they have been dealt a blow undeserving to them, arising out of the blatant lack of regard of some patrons of the show…because Renegades is Ready!


Sandra L Blood played seven-bass with Renegades at Panorama semis, and played nine-bass over decades before.

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Comment by Sandra L Blood on February 27, 2011 at 4:05pm

You are welcome, David. I am a very humble person instead of the fanfare type. But discussion begins when initiated. So I thought it was in my best interest to write on the situation even if it turns out to be only a learning and educational experience for the affected and unaffected to ensure the non-recurrence. I furnish the print media with articles and have featured some bands, but I realize that this site seems to have space for all and engages many discussions on all issues posted. There are many things that can be learned from the situation...maybe blessing in disguise one may say, but what ever the outcome, I would pen another piece consisten to the outcome. How and who are you? 

Comment by DAVID EXODUS on February 26, 2011 at 2:17am
Greetings Ms. Blood..... I am honored that you would even respond to my comment , being as well known and well respected as you are....... (as I have read your credentials in a prior post)....the point that Ms Moore and I are trying to make is that even if Renegades had made the finals and one of the other bands that made the finals had not (Fonclaire,Deltones or Starlift for example) ...even if they were subject to the the mistreatment of the North Stand patrons and the dj...this discussion would not have taken place.
Comment by richardson holder on February 25, 2011 at 9:52am
Renegades brought this on themselves they played so they subjected themselves to the treatment so would this i would say bye renegades see you next year
Comment by joseph john on February 25, 2011 at 7:35am

To all the Renegades members, supporters, their sponsors BP I feel your pain. As a former pan player myself all that Miss Blood said in her article is exactly what happens when your reach the 'STAGE' adrenalin pumping you're ready to go and then this? My question though is where is Pan Trinbago in all of this? where were the officers while all of this was happening? Where were all the people in Pan Trinbago jerseys who are paid at the end of the day? Where were the police? did they get any request from Pan Trinbago officials that a major problem exisited and they (PTB) needed their help to stop the nonsense?

But even bigger than all of this, the President of Pan Trinbago, Mr. Keith Diaz is a member of the NCC board, was he aware of all the things that would have transpired on the day? and if not, what are his plans that this will not happen in the future?

My understanding, is that there is an even bigger problem that the membership of Pan need to look at, word is that there is a clique that is running the organization, and that most of the decisions are made by this clique, for starters ask any member of the executive how many executive meetings did they have for this year? and if so, did  all members attend, or are invited? and why the date for the statutory meeting was changed unilaterally? Until these things are fixed there will always have the problems that occured on Sunday, can you imagine the biggest event on the Pan calendar and it is treated with such disdain, any other organization would have had several meetings to ensure that the executive will be on top of things. but as Sparrow said WE LIKE IT SO.

Comment by Sandra L Blood on February 25, 2011 at 7:30am

Hello David Nvirenda and Sheralda Moore,

The Renegades' point was missed. The issue is not that Renegades was placed out of the final competition, it is what happened that adversely affected delivery.

As an objective and big (in thinking) person, should there be any level of disrespect that interfere/d with any of the bands you mentioned performance, I am/will be here to bring it to the attention, of not only the relevant people, but to the world.

It might just prove, however, better to play for "NO audience" except for the adjudicators, for the performance would not be disturbed/disrupted/become distorted. Not to mention, the lengthy pre-play delay preventing you from begining your performance when ready to do so due to circumstances beyond your control.

David, I will, however, love to see all the bands you mention, form the final's list all in one year, or some on a consistent basis. While I do not know from where you write, I am sure you can make a contribution into each one and help them get there.

That's what the spirit is all about!



Comment by DAVID EXODUS on February 25, 2011 at 1:49am
forget Renegades for a minute  ......how come nobody cares that Birdsong, Harmonites, Skiffle Bunch , Tropical Angel Harps and Our Boys did not qualify for the finals......oh I forgot... they are not part of the Big 5.
Comment by Sheralda Moore on February 24, 2011 at 10:57pm
In that case if renegades is allowed to perform in the finals then birdsong should be allowed to play also. because hey had NO audience to perform too. Sorry eh, but the judges decisions are finals. I only wish it was not only renegades of the big five feel the axe from time to time where panorama judging is concerned. I t would be nice to hear Phase II or All Stars run out. I mean there might be a murder in the savannah, but I just saying...
Also from a financial point of view, I could be wrong but doesn't the North Stand rake in more money than the Grand Stand?
Comment by evan lobo on February 24, 2011 at 9:28pm

  more of the same 

 we are insane to imagine any judge going to stop panorama

 who hired the djs or collected the fees they paid to help with all this insanity

 ncc says  not me

 pan trinbago - me too

 so its  a free for all as usual

 trini  2 d bone

Comment by Earl Lawrence on February 24, 2011 at 8:27pm
It was no fault of renegades, It's the judges who might of been still confuse with the disrespectful manner of some the people who were causing the problem, to not hear the band true performance, they should be given a chance to play in the finals. because they are ready....
Comment by david de castro on February 24, 2011 at 8:11pm




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