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Professor Copeland defense Attorney Stephen Salandy, has filed a Notice of Application to the High Court, requesting an extention of time after the defense 28 days filing date deadline had expired, Ceo Jordan say's we of S.N.S.E. and our Agent have filed for Judgment as a  required according to Court proceedure,  FORM -3 APPERANCE TO CLAIM FORM (part 9) of 9,. If so how much do you admit? If you dispute the balance of the claim you must also file a defence within 28 days of service of the claim on you or, Judgment may be entered against you for the whole amount claimed. A Rule of Law, we are of the opinon that they are up to some kind of tricks,  so we and the pan world are watching, especially the Supreme Court of Washington D.C. as the 4ths & 5ths technology has been Copyrighted at the Library of Congress Washington D.C. by Ceo Jordan in the late 1990's, and again on July 3rd 2003, where the Professor Patented his alleged invention, via Tampering and Interfearance in the United States...

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