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S.N.S.E. ( St James North stars Steel orchestra Enterprise) to take Default Judgment to Privy council...

With the advice of the Caribbean Court of Justice, the Integrity Commision, and the U.S. Library of Congress Washing ton D.C., we have the RIGHT to explore these option, THEREFORE; we at SNSE will be taking our "Default Judgment" to the Privy Council, where the defendant et al / and others has fail to file a defense, which allowed us SNSE, to file for "Judgment by Default " a Court procedure requierment,  meaning, the defendant et al has lost their case, and consequently, according to ( Chapter 7 ) of the JUDICATURY, Part III Section 144 (1) of our CONSTITUTIONAL REFORM, we are also seeking the removal of the JUDGE, Section 144 clearly state, that a Judge may be removed from office only for the inability to perform the function of the office (wheather arising from "INFIRMITY / UNFAIR PREJUDICE" of mind or body or any other cause) or for "MISBEHAVIOR / TERRORISM an intimidation by force or a threat, where he told SNSE CEO that, the alternative is, Quote, WITHDRAW YOUR CLAIM OR I WILL DISMISS IT TODAY Unquote, I chuckled because I knew we / SNSE has already filed for Default Judgment as required, the defense has to pay the whole amount claimed as specified by Court, so we don't know WHAT he / this Judge is going to dismiss, also, how could we file a claim with out an attorney, as we file via Pro Se which clearly indicate's his incompetence where the word Pro Se, a legal term meaning self, in accordance with this Section as the Court Transcript will disclose, we have also been threatened where we made police reports, U see these ppl think Pan Men are stupid or fool's, how do U expect to, with willful, malicious, contempt infringe SNSE already Design Patent,Trademark, and Copyrighted 4ths & 5ths technology on the tenor pan, and get away with IT, U infringe time to pay the piper...

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