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As an old panplayer, owing to the fact that trinidad and tobago is having the expertise and possibly the resources,  i know not , but i do hope that an effort can be made for a school to be established for the purpose of steelpan making, thus taking into consideration at the said time that those persons, the steelpan tuners  inolved in the process of giving the lessons and those students having the intuition to learn to make the steelpans also be reimbursed, possibly be paid a monthly salary to those those that are interested in learning to make the steelpan,, do not allow the making of the steelpan to be forgotten history,for i,m 55 plus old in age ,can still make the pan ,but would be leaving this world in due course wheneve the lord almighty is ready for me to take my voyage afar.those that have ears let them hear,,the man with the hammer in he hand,nothing to replace the steeldrum pan.

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