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The Silhouettes Steel Orchestra is a popular, long -standing steel band in Toronto, founded in 1979 under the leadership of Danny Mosca.  His son, Mark Mosca arranges for the band and ensures it continues to be a strong contender at annual Steel Pan competitions in Toronto.

Over the past 32 years this orchestra has performed at various functions in Canada and the USA, including the St. Catherine’s Grape and Wine and Stratford Festivals.

The Silhouettes organization aspires to foster love, friendship and family values. This year and over the last twenty four weeks the Silhouettes Steel band and Community Organization has expanded its wings to include a youth steelband program with the purpose;

- to develop young pan musicians and use the art form to improve and expand learning opportunities for our youth.  The objective of the program is to ensure that our young members learn the essential skills necessary to realize musical success as well as to gain those life skills; pertinent to assisting them to navigate positively

through life challenges.

Thus far, our youth program has participated in two musical recitals and a Christmas fund-raising concert.

Saturday 8, December  2012 at 11:00am  at the Mc Cowan Street Fire Station, the organization once again displayed its loyalty and commitment to our community by collecting and presenting several boxes of toys to the local fire department.

For the previous 8weeks the organization has been involved in a Christmas toy drive to provide for less fortunate families in the community.  This initiative has been a success in 2 ways. Firstly, the effort has encouraged and brought about considerable contributions which shine a light on the generosity of our community. Secondly, the youth involvement in this endeavour has ensured the development of many learning opportunities which we know will pay great dividends in developing their academic, as well as their emotional intelligence.

This initiative was undertaken in partnership with the local fire department.The collaboration we hope will be an annual event.

The Leadership aspires to continue to encourage and engage our membership to pursue their dreams and aspirations to become productive citizens. 

Silhouettes Youth Pan Music Program   is directed by Layne Clarke. Pan classes are scheduled to resume in January 2013.

Please contact us for more information about all programs and events.  

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Comment by Selwyn Henry on December 17, 2012 at 10:25pm

Congratulations to the leaders and members of the Silhouettes organization. Your contribution to the Pan community and the general community is greatly appreciated. Doc

Comment by Garnet Findlay on December 14, 2012 at 11:34am

Congratulation Danny, Boy I remember back in the day on Rusholme Rd. One Tenor Pan on the Balcony, and you saying. " man I'm going to start a steel band" walla "Silhouettes" We got to remember where we came from. Tell my cousins Mark & Neeley-Ann hello for me.

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