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The  thing truly start.

The first official note of the 2012 Edition of Panorama  was struck by La Romaine Supervibes  last evening at the Pleasantville Community Centre Grounds. Prez Diaz declared Panorama 2012 opened at  7:19 PM.  The last band -10th- to be spotlighted was the pride of Point Fortin: Self Help Marines. "Kings Row Retro Riddums" made their debut at the forth spot. I had the estatic  pleasure to come out of retirement wearing their colours.

Activities came to an end at around 10:00 AM.  Shades in Steel was a no show.

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Comment by Sarah-Ann on January 20, 2012 at 2:21pm

It is not that Shades in Steel  were a no show. people began inquiring why they were not on the list in the first place. Rumour has alledged they had problems with the arranger of choice.

Kings Retro Riddum was superb with that calypso and all day long we could not remember it but as soon as they started playing that tune it came back to me. As usual it is good to be there for the first knock of the Panorama season." All Over" sounded excellent on Pan. Yes this is going to be a special Panorame. We are up in teh east tonight with them

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