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Stafford Joseph responds to Kuma Rodney - Antigua Panorama Conflict



My Brother, I wish to juggle your faculty a little. Whether you have intentionally or conveniently forgotten, be reminded the Hells Gate Steel Orchestra in October, 1993, withdrew its membership from the ABPA and I resigned from the position of President of the ABPA, as a result of the unethical behaviour of the MAJORTY of member bands of the ABPA. To date, almost twenty (20) years later, we maintain  the view that, “while MAJORITY might win, MAJORITY is not necessarily always right”.

Hells Gate Steel Orchestra re-established its membership with the ABPA subsequent to October 1993.

  Prior to 2005, I was approached by a number of concerned individuals within the Pan fraternity, regarding serving as the President of the ABPA for a second time, because you as the substantive holder of that position was unable to continue in the position of President , owing to your involvement in Leeward Islands Cricket. I accepted the challenged on the conditionality that the ABPA and its membership would strive for the “greatest good for the greatest many”, and ensure that through our collective thinking and our collective efforts, the goals of the ABPA as established in 2001, would be achieved going forward. Again, the unethical behaviour of the same member bands along with some individuals within the ABPA , left me with no alternative but to resign in 2005.

There are currently some member bands and individuals within the ABPA who are displeased with the decorum of those at the helm of the ABPA, but are afraid to speak out. Hence, “the silence is deafening”.

We exist in a democracy in which your rights and mines are protected by Law. Your rights which are enshrined in Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, are my rights too.

Being a member of an organization does not and should not preclude a person or a particular group from publicly disassociating himself/herself or a group from any unethical behaviour of the leadership or other members of that organization.

I can vividly recall when you approached me some two (2) years ago and informed me of the treatment meted out to you by the principals of Ebonites Steel Orchestra. You told me that you were the Drill Master for the said orchestra and was conducting a drilling exercise with the orchestra, when you were unceremoniously replace by an individual brought in from overseas.  As a Brother you had my shoulders to shed your tears, and my shoulders are still available, despite the fact I had to change my shirt twice. I personally investigated the matter and from the majority of persons with whom I spoke , the feedback I received was that , during the period in which you perform the task of Drill Master for Ebonites Steel Orchestra, the orchestra performed at a much higher level  and that you managed to instill an acceptable level of discipline in and around the panyard. I was also informed that your successor has failed to maintain or achieve the level of performance or discipline you left at Ebonites Steel Orchestra panyard. As a local musician and senior pannist, are you in agreement that the treatment meted to you by the principals of Ebonies Steel Orchestra, was ethical and justified?

My Brother, to the best of my knowledge, understanding and belief, “a good leader does not rely or presume on strength or power. He is not pleased by favour and does not fear vilification. He does not crave whatever material goods he sees; and he does not rape whatever women he can.  His only intention is to pursue the best interest of his country”.

You, more than anyone else would know that Stafford Joseph does not negotiate matters of principle. “Matters of principle are non- negotiable. Principle is either wholly kept or wholly sacrificed. The slightest concession on matters of principle would indicate the abandonment of principle itself”.

LIME Hells Gate Steel Orchestra, being fully aware of who we are and what we represent, cannot and will not agree to or condone anything that would bring our organization's name into ill repute.


One Pan!! One Love!!!


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Comment by Pepe Francis MBE on July 14, 2013 at 3:13pm

Stafford I am still trying to fathom out what your great words is being aimed at the principles are sound but who is crying on who's shoulder?.

Comment by laurence richards on July 13, 2013 at 10:44pm

this issue appears to be going down a personal road..... and one needs top know who cried on whose shoulder...

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