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News has come at hand that Conrad Franklyn Entrepreneur and management consultant/International Steel band Promoter has died.

He passed on 22nd December in California USA, after a long illness.

The information was supplied by is Brother Dr. Gaston Franklyn,who was unable to attend his burial because he was at sea at the time of receiving the news. Conrad Franklyn was the founder of the Trinidad and Tobago Showboat company. This company supplied Pan players for many foreign engagements...which promoted a lot of players who are now Arrangers and Promoters themselves. He tried Making Pan men "show-Men" and women as well. Some people had Great experiences and Others not so great. The bottom line is that he Tried to make a dollar for himself while promoting the Pan. He was cremated on the 27th December 2013. May he rest in Peace and his memories be a good one.

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Comment by Val Serrant on December 27, 2013 at 5:48pm

SAT-NAM{I Salute The Truth In You}...Condolences to Carol,Michael & Family,on the passing of their Father, Conrad...with whom I had extensive dealings...re "Pandemonium Steel Orchestra's" formation & operations!  When still a Member of "Starlift Steel Orch.",I asked Ray Holman to Arrange for the then fledgling Pandemonium,& Jim St Rose{who also played with us in Starlift},came on board as Tuner!*I also brought Winston Theobald to Tutor & Arrange for PanD! His "Showboat" experiences weren't the best.

*As Section-Leader,& eventually,Vice-Captain{in what was initially put forth as:-"Huggins Pandemonium"/a so-called>"Company-Band"}I had to confront:-the so-called:-'Managerial'/'Divide & rule'/'Colonial'/Enslaver 'Techniques' used by Conrad;*as well as...the 'Uppity' Huggins & Company Employees,who vociferously objected to my 'bringing my ole-nigga friends' to join the Band.*Of course,at a Meeting,I let them know,that the so-called "ole-niggas" were the ones who Invented the Instrument they{Racists},were tryin' to play!!!

In classic:-'Managerial'/'Clean-cut'...Jacket-&-tie/'Plastic-smile' 'fashion',Conrad Franklyn basked in the glory, when:-we would be the ones doing ALLLLLL of the 'hard-wuk',to ensure the success of the Band:Panorama-Competition,Touring & other Performances-wise. *I organized a Raffle & Block-O-Rama,to help pay the Band's way to the 1975 "Grape & Wine Festival",in St.Catherine's,Canada>>>AND,was the one who personally went to,now:-AnceStar Dr.Eric Williams{former Prime Minister of The Republic Of Trinidad& Tobago,to have him intercede on our behalf,by instructing the Ministry Of Culture to issue a Cheque for 50% of our Airfares,as was promised me!*Within half an hour,I had that Cheque.**Conrad asked if he could accompany me to the Prime Minister's Office,when I was on my way to accept Dr.Williams's invitation.Of course,his Opportunistic vibes couldn't fly by my-self...much more Dr.Williams!

"PanD's" 1976 'Tour',under Franklyn's 'Management'...was a near Total Disaster!Always foisting-off Negatives on others>>>I was again the recipient of his vitriol,when I,was in Fact..the one who got a friend,Kenrick Bhagan to drive across the Border with me, to Buffalo,New York>>in order to retrieve our 'stranded' PANS & Equipment *since there was an Air-Controllers Strike at the time.*Conrad had so poisoned my name,because.without Pans the engagements he Booked,could not otherwise have been fulfilled! THUS...when we rolled up in Montreal, with Pans et al>>>the Band-Members,overjoyed...swarmed & hugged me,filling me in on the Judas-like deed of the so-called 'Manager'! REALLY...IT WAS LIKE A "SECOND-COMING",to Members,I had been so villified!! ***All of this,to EMPHASIZE:-"DO NOT BE FOOLED BY 'OUTWARD-SHOWS'!"/FAKE 'IMPRESSIONS'! Conrad Franklyn did his part,to let others know that "PAN-PEOPLE"/TRUE ARTISTS,MUST NEVER BE REGARDED AS 'IGNORANT'...& UNWORTHY OF FULL RESPECT & JUST-COMPENSATION FOR THEIR TALENTS & CONTRIBUTIONS TOWARDS THE UPLIFT OF T&T ...& *"PAN"!!!


Conrad Franklyn played his 'Part'...'Portrayed his Role'! Like all of us,he continues his Evolutionary journey! ASE-O!

Comment by VINCENT HUELOY LILA YIP YOUNG on December 27, 2013 at 3:32pm

.......My heartfelt condolences to his family !!!!!!!!!

Comment by Cecil hinkson on December 27, 2013 at 2:52pm

Can anyone say if this is the same Conrad Franklyn that was involved with Pandemonium Steel Ochestra in the 70s.

                 Condolences to this man family all the same.

Comment by Ayesha Mohammed on December 27, 2013 at 1:31pm

Hope his work gets included in documenting our history. Condolences to all!

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