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Steelpan Players Essential Educational Developement Initiative (SPEEDI

The Steelpan Community need to get on the ball, more than 70% of th players in Toronto is under the age of (30) thirty. To these youths, playing steelpan is as canadian as playing hockey. The Steelpan art, represents an inter-generational interaction with the same objectives within the steelband Community. However, the community must be active in securing funding for the long-term developement in terms of the Science and Technology of the Instrument in Canada.

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Comment by Hameed Shaqq on July 26, 2011 at 10:35am
My mission is to develop and foster community spirit by promoting organized educational, social entertaiment services and other community activies to help promote the steelpan and prepare students for a meaningful future. As a member of the Steelpan fraternity as a whole, I must be ready and prepared to assist in a cordinated effort to develope a truly global community relationship for the Steelpan Performing Arts, Science and Technology. Steel Pan communities must be able to work towards a united state of affairs for the betterment of Steel Pan arts and technology.
The Steelpan is an Idaphone and as formidable as any other precussive instrument, such as the well known xylophone, vibraphone and mirimba. Therefore any student playing the Steelpan instrument must be able to play their instrument and obtain their music accreditations, along-side the traditionally established band without any indifference. . These credentials should meet the international standards and be used to gain access to study music in colleges and universities.
Steel Pan Instruments must be made acceptable with the same value and respect as any other musical instrument and must be included into the family of Symphony Orchestral music. As a performing band, the Steelband offers diversity; inter-generational, multi-cultural, with a solid universal appeal to all people, generations and cultures.

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