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Thank you Pool coordinator and Pan Trinbago officers for this ingenious solution to encourage the youth to learn

Please see quoted below a letter I have sent to the Press in response to Pantrinbago's latest innovation:

The Editor


Dear Sir/Madam,

Thank you Pool coordinator and Pan Trinbago officers for this ingenious solution to encourage the youth to learn, play and enjoy the National Instrument

When I read Pantrinbago’s announcement of a new element in the Panorama – Pan Splash -my first feeling was horror, then deep sadness and finally amusement. Bad enough that we have to continue with the Greens which pose stiff competition to pan lovers who want to hear the staged event.  But surely, the INTERNATIONAL body for the national instrument would understand that this   ‘Girls Gone Wild ‘  type event is just another manifestation of the blatant disrespect and disregard of our heritage.

Culture Minister Lincoln Douglas was willing to accept Diaz’s explanation that the event would “facilitate the involvement of young people in associating with the Steelband and that the people who participate in this event are those to listen to, and play pan eventually. They (Pan Trinbago) are more versed in these things than I am and my concerns have been answered in that way,”

Michelle George: Event co-coordinator of the Pan Splash- “for re-education of the young people and rethinking the art of entertainment, in regard to the national instrument. We believe that young people need to integrate and be taught how to appreciate the pan, and the point of going on The Greens was for the pan, so it’s not a concept that means to take away from the pan because we are making sure we do not interrupt the pan at all, and once a band is on-stage, the Jumbotron goes up and all other music in the area is ceased, so all the Pan Splash patrons will be able to see and hear the Steelbands as they perform and compete.”

George further described the pool as a marvelous idea, a much cooler gimmick to get you into the pan and trick you into enjoying it”.

I would suggest that other organizations, bodies, whatever……follow the leader

 (1) That Churches have a Pool and Greens to TRICK parishioners to the return to church. 

(2) That Police Stations have a Pool and Greens to TRICK informants into reporting crime and abuse and TRICK miscreants to stop their criminal ways.

(3) That Schools have a Pool and Greens as an excellent gimmick to TRICK the students into book learning and good behaviour.

(4) That every community have a Pool within a four block radius to TRICK residents and stop them from burning tyres and distract them from the ills in their community.

(5)  That every home has a pool to help parents TRICK their children into staying at home instead of running away.

(6)That every Government Office building has a Pool to TRICK Public Servants into coming work on time, staying at their posts and becoming more productive.

(7) That every prison have a Pool to TRICK the officers and prisoners into believing that they are living in a five-star hotel and all is well.

And finally

(8) Every Steelband have a Pool and Greens so that their players could be TRICKED into staying their own Panyards, generate their own income and TRICK themselves into thinking that Pantrinbago [the world governing body for Steelbands] is championing their cause with dignity, creativity and integrity.

Wake up!  Band leaders,  Pannists – this may well be the last Panorama that really is about the  National Instrument.

The culture of Panorama - Steelbands, the Drag, the Barber Green, hot sun, meeting long lost friends, arguments, pelau, corn soup, macaroni pie will be an “ole ting” replaced by phi, e-pan, pool, jumbotron, tents, caterers, misting machines, changing rooms, air-conditioned VIP rooms. The price of progress is high [King Austin} Bring back the old time days [Nappy Mayers].




marie diane dupre


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Comment by brian henderson on February 18, 2014 at 2:20pm

Tell them, Diane! But, will they listen? ........big chups!

Comment by Sherwin Campbell on February 17, 2014 at 9:54pm

Well said, but do you think that with all the negative backlash, Diaz and his crew of idiots are really listening?.We make a lot of noise but we don't have a voice. That sort of backward thinking would not be present at Soca Chutney, since they call the shots and are not dependent on Government funding. Is it too late to form a real Pan Trinbago,sans Government?.

Comment by Emile Deonanan on February 17, 2014 at 11:09am

well put Ms Dupre, true patiot

To Ms George (event $ coordinator) FYI ... the jumbo tron did not cut off the music automatically for us Phase II performers...we were being coaxed by the grand stand and on stage officials to play and fete music was still coming through to the stage .... however stangely enough it worked perfect for the next band ...from tobago, they probably did not get the time to comment at conception on the pool party people who riding true pan people backs ..... So the question will be for Phase .... Was it intentional???? 

Comment by Pan'tum - The Ghost Who Talks on February 16, 2014 at 11:30am

CONNECTING THE D.O.T.S. (Devils Overseeing The Steelbands):

Members of the "Happy Nation".

Okay; so Johann Chuckaree posted a photo under the caption, "Getting ready for something big.. The future of pan.", as he posed with Marcel "Local Justin Bieber" Montano, Andy "Jesus Christ Superstar" Narell, and the rest of their "Happy Nation". Shortly after, they announced the "Pan Splash on De Greens". Do you think that Marcel had anything to do with that decision? (I do.)

So, while the steelbands are predominantly Afro-Trinbagonian (even to this day), the "future" is now in the hands of three Indo-Trinbagonians (two of whom have no history of involvement in the steelbands), one White American (who gave us the "last word"), and a soca celebrity (the "Happiest Man Alive"). THANKS, Mr. Andy Narell, for showing us on which side of this battle of GOOD over EVIL you stand. You are a member of the "Happy Nation"; the Ghost, like Len "Boogsie" Sharpe and other "Trini to the bone" nationals, are a part of the "Unhappy Nation". Andy Narell does not care what happens to the local steelbands, because he can fly back to Germany, the US, and other parts of the world, where he expects coronation as the "Prince of Peace/Pan". That is why he returned to Bethlehem (Trinidad) with his Revelation (Last Word). Johann Chuckaree, you have talent, but you are proving yourself to be just as self-centered and uncaring about our steelband culture as your fellow-Happy Nation colleagues. You are aligning yourself with the ENEMIES OF THE STEELBANDS, and I advise you to reconsider your thinking and position, or go down in history, as one who helped destroy our culture. YOUNG MAN, WAKE DA HELL UP!!!

BTW - Before you go on accusing me of "drawing the race card"; know this: I AM DRAWING THE CARDS THAT ARE BEING DEALT TO US! The FACE of the FUTURE OF PAN, should reflect the thousands of Black faces that I am seeing bussin' their asses in front of empty stands. Your photo looks more like the future of tassa, if you ask me. Not ONE Black face; a light-skinned Negro, who does not like his own kind. (See who he is engaged to.) Marcel Montano, you are a SELL OUT to your "race", and will NEVER reach the heights of Bob Marley, because, unlike you, Bob was a "real Rastaman". Not a saloon-dread. Bob sang ♫Me no have no friends in a high society♫ Bag-o-wire...CATCH A FIRE! (You WOLF in Sheep's clothing!)

Ghost. Same philosophy; different attitude.

Comment by Pan'tum - The Ghost Who Talks on February 16, 2014 at 10:20am

Ms. Dupre, there are very few postings on WST that impress me. This happens to be one of them. Your comment did not surprise me; Emile "Spiceman" Borde informed me of your "yeowoman's" stance against this reckless and wayward executive. You are a SHERO; thanks for your courageous speaking out. Looking forward to meeting you at the town hall meeting. Keep the pressure on Pan Trinbago. Ghost.

Comment by Denise L. J. Hernandez on February 16, 2014 at 8:57am

Thank you very much Diane for such an astute description of the problem

Comment by Stephanie M Aqui-Lalgee on February 16, 2014 at 1:23am

I salute you sister. These men, sorry MICE at Pan Trinbago do not serve the pan men, they seem to have bowed down to the $$$$$$ and forgotten that the future of PAN depends on them. I too wish they get a backlash for their stupidity and gullibility. Then they ask -Where de pan man gone?. Gone to foreign lands where the Pan is respected and pan men are treated with respect befitting professionals not as a means to fill officials pockets. I hope they have a huge insurance policy to pay for the medical claims they will incur because of their stupidity.




Comment by debbie espinal on February 16, 2014 at 12:53am

I totally agree with the above.  There is no excuse PanTrinbago can come with to justify this disrespect to those hard working pan beaters who give of their time every night to practice so hard to appear on the big stage. It is despicable that the body in charge of promoting Pan can be so insensitive to those who seriously love their pan.  They claim they made 5 million last year yet the beaters had to grovel for an $800. stipend.  Whose pocket has all that money gone into and why are they still begging the Government for our taxpayers money? I have a Son who goes on the Greens every year and has never once listened to the steelbands .  He and his Friends go there for the Party so who Pan Trinbago think they're fooling.  If i were the Bandleaders i would boycott the Savannah stage and play on the road outside and make a proper stand against this injustice. As for the drag even that atmosphere they have taken away from us.  Many of us Pan lovers are getting older and can't stay for twelve hours listening to rythmn sections beating in our heads all day.  So what is left for us regarding pan.  Everyone has fallen to the mighty dollar and left to me i'd fire the whole damn Board of Pan Trinbago.  I've never been so disgusted in my life. Poops on the lot of them and i hope all of them end up in the pissing pete pool because that's where they all belong.

Comment by Stephanie M Aqui-Lalgee on February 15, 2014 at 10:23pm

Thank God that there is somebody left  with guts, common sense, love of the national instrument  and of course it had to be a woman. Seems that the men at Pan Trinbago  took a dive in the Pool and left their brains and heart behind. It is a SHAME that this Pool Splash was even considered, far less given the blessing of the powers that be. It leaves one to wonder just what is the agenda of the officers of  Pan Trinbago. My heart bleeds for the hardworking pan men and women who leave the safety of their homes to rehearse nightly and the supporters who stay with their band till the last note is played.  This POOL SPLASH calls for a puncture or two not only in the rubber lining of the  actual pool but also in the executive of the Pan Trinbago. Just whose progress and development  is Pan Trinbago supporting. Is Panorama , THE celebration of pan to become the Trinidad Spring Break WET T-SHIRT MECCA?.

Comment by evan lobo on February 15, 2014 at 9:17pm

 ltes hope we dont get the beach with coconut tress sponsored by francis fashions next year

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