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Tell Me Again & Again

Please Help Me Understand,

The Evaluation

Of The Steel Pan

Those Stories Told

Of Days Of Old

Really Fascinate Me

So Ah To Ask "May" Granny

Who Sat Me Down & Explained Me


(pick-up) Son, It Was        

IT Was Pan Better Pan-

Man Better Man -

Band Better Band

(Sub Chorus)

Lord Help You

If You Touch We Flag Woman 

And When You See

We Coming Down Marine Square

With We Bomb Ringing In the Air--

Son.! You Had to Be There to Understand

Those Golden Years of Pan

----Music Interlude---


Tell Me Again & Again

About the Years of Stigma

Long Before Pan Get Culture

And What About the BadJohn Era?


She Explained to Me

De. Pan Geography

And the Confrontations 

Between All

The Rival Steel Bands 

And the ( Serious) Repercussions


Pan Am -North Stars

West Side Symphony

CrossFire & Tripoli,

Invaders - Starlift & Sun Valley

Those Were Some of the Bands

That Preserved Pan - For You &  Me  


And the Bards of the Land

Those Lords & Mighty Calypsions

For Demarch Gras will Have Ah New Tune

(Sub Chorus)

Any By Jouvert Morning

That's What We Were Beating 

And When You See

We Heading For The Grand Stand

Man Woman & Child

Pushing Pan For the Band

Son-You Had to Be There To Understand 

Those Golden Years of Pan


Pan Gone But Panman Stay

That is what they tell me

But they can't fool me

Because we know the History

ERIC used to say 

"Come one day

You will see Made in Japan

Or even Taiwan

Stamp on a Steel Pan"

But don't matter how far you roam

The sound of a Pan

Will  Always bring me home

So share the History -

Son Help

The World to Over-Stand 

The Golden Years of Pan


(c)Henry O. Miller

Dedicated to BigBoy - Harper  of Tripoli

The Band From Saint James. 

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