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Everything Related to the Steelpan Instrument and Music

Some of this really happened...

Just ask any man who was jumping up in a Steelband

 And though he got lucky

But with tears in his eyes on Ash - Wednesday had to ask.....

Trini-gal why ….  why                                  
You acting so crazy                                  After Carnival
Please tell me why …
Why you playing you don’t know me           After Carnival

After.... carnival done
And we had "all we" fun
Yuh running to church to pray
Bunning candle night and day
Begging for mercy                                      After Carnival
Holy Father please forgive me .....                After Carnival
Is them who make me                                 After Carnival

Shake "meh" booty                                     After Carnival

Tell me why…. (Trini Gal)..

Tell me why….. Tell me why                      Ah want the truth doh lie….

When.... "we were" in the band
Calling me yuh outside man
You weren’t feeling shame
Now ah can't even call your by yuh name

When U see me coming                               After Carnival
Why  U  take of running                                After Carnival
Hiding from me …                                        After carnival
Like if you owe me money .....

Tell me why…..Trini Gal 

Tell me why ...Tell me why
Ah, want the truth doh lie.

It… was just yesterday
You were teaching me to **carray”                
After... you drink up all meh rum
Now you holy playing nun

Why yuh so highty tighty...                              After Carnival
Playing that yuh doh know me                         After Carnival    
Walking dainty -  dainty.                                  After Carnival
Acting up saintly… saintly  ...                          After carnival

Tell me why ….Trini Gal 

Tell me why…….Tell me why
Ah, want the truth "doh" lie.

**Carray ..... A dance move similar to "Twerking"

(c) Henry O. Miller 1995

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