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Can WHEN STEEL TALKS find out what is the situation with Labor Day/Jouvert Morning Steelband competition 2010? I spoke to Emlyn Harewood, the leader of the band DC Pan Jammers, which won the Bomb competition last year and he told me he saw the results of the competition on WHEN STEEL TALKS.


Emlyn told me that leading up to the competition, he received calls fom everyone, even the police, but after the competition, NADA! He has won aspects of the Labor Day/Jouvert Morning competition on at least three occasions and has never received any payments OR trophy inclusive of last year. WHAT IS GOING ON?


Emlyn told me that he is interested in the band participating in this year's competition but he is at a loss at what to do and who to contact. Mobilization costs to bring the band from DC are over $3,000 and of course there is the registration fee for the competition among other things. Please WHEN STEEL TALKS find out what is going on.

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Comment by Cecil hinkson on August 7, 2011 at 3:01am

Pan on a truck and Pan rolling on the ground are not the same thing, Pan Jammers was rolling last year and no other band sounded better than them, for ah few hours I was taken back to the sixties and it felt great. Emlyn I hope you are able to bring the band to Brooklyn again this year.

To the people that's responsible for the Labour Day/ Jouvert pay-up. Steelbands doh want no trophy ah cheque is easier to carry.

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