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Happy Birthday to the great Neville Jules of Trinidad All Stars - Panist, Innovator, leader and a Gentleman

Happy Birthday Neville Jules

May 21 is the birthday of the legendary Neville Jules - WST extends greetings.

There are a collective few who bear the distinction of being universally recognized as members of that unique, and special fraternity we at When Steel Talks refer to as Giants and Titans of “Pan and the Steelpan Movement.” Through their intellect, talents, genius, innovativeness, sacrifices, foresight and leadership they forged a path to greatness for a marvelous invention known as ‘Pan’ - all the while showcasing the genius and indomitable spirit of man.

Mr. Neville Jules is without doubt one of these Titans. Mr. Jules - in addition to being a steelpan inventor, arranger, manager and captain - was foremost a molder of men and character - and he led by example.

In 2003 When Steel Talks had the honor of interviewing Mr. Jules at our studios in what will always be one of our most rewarding, informative, fact-filled and historical interviews. Mr. Jules gave us a unique and personal vantage point on the development of the pan movement as one who was both involved, and present.

click to watch video interview

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Happy Birthday Mr. Jules.  Have a great one


A very Happy Birthday to you Mr. Neville Jules.... it is a great honour to share the same birthdate with you ...May you see many more birthdays and do have a great day ...Peace and respect


Happy Birthday Mr. Jules, It was a pleasure to read your inspiring story in the book "Unheard Voices" by Dr. A. Myrna Warner. You were very modest as I think most inventors are. Nevertheless it was beautiful to meet you through that reading!

Forward ever!

Happy Birthday Mr. Jules, may God continue to bless you with many more.

I am Mr rude,,when would the Government of T&T Honour these stallwarts,,when deh dead,,,WST has just began and can  find these persons of the Gifted talent,,,,nevertheless Happy birthday Mr N Jules and Gods blessings.

Happy Birthday Cap.I hope you have a good one. I dont know if I ever told you but, growing up in All Stars in the Garret, was one of the greatest experinces of


 my entire life. When I teach youths today , I frequenyly mention your name as the person  who maintained  exemplary  discipline in All stars  more than some fifty years ago. Transgressors who continued to coast when 'No Coasting " was announced were fined when it was time for pay. I also rememder when we learnt Minuet in G ,using our fingers,and come Jouorvert morning when all the pans were heard playing with sticks ,.I cant find words to express the feeling tthat came over me. it was truly incredible. You have always been my idol and my inspiration.. keep on keeping on.all the best to you. martin albino

Happy Birthday, Mr. Neville Jules. When we were neighbors in Malick, I could have sworn that you and my dad were going competition for "who could beat dey boy chile de worse". I think it was a tie; man you couldda whup some arse, too boy. lol. Anyway, I am better for it. Seriously, you and George Goddard are the two strictest fathers I know, and honesty and discipline, you both never compromised. Thanks for representing the pan industry with decency and grace. May you be blessed with many, many more years. We honor your lifelong service!

GHOST (George's eldest son.)

Happy Birthday Cap

.May God bless you with many more.I wanted to have a talk with you last carnival but did not get the chance.Anyway the gist of my conversation would have been to thank you for all that you did for me and All Stars. Being the captain of the band when you left was a great experience. My task was made easy because of the discipline you instilled in us.

 Again let me say Happy Birthday CAP.

                                                    Hamilton WEB Alexander.

Happy Birthday to you Mr. Neville Jules. I hope that some day "The Powers That Be" will rename **** Street to Jules.

Belated Birthday Greetings to you Cap! I hope you had a wonderful day. I must say that it was a great honour, and a privilege for me to play those sweet bass lines in tunes such as Somewhere Over the Rainbow, Lady in Red, and Impossible Dream to name a few. I wish you God's Blessings, and hope you live to see many more and be in good health. One Love.


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