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Watch Large Band 2020 Panorama Prelim - Skiffle Steel Orchestra

Band: CAL Skiffle
Tune: Wrong Again
Arranger: Kendall Williams, Odie Gonzales & Marc Brooks

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What PATRICK say about running like what in front the band?

Like somebody on the PAN TRINBAGO FACEBOOK page said: They sound like a HIGH SCHOOL STEELBAND!


By the time we get to Finals everything will be in place.


bugs: That is EXACTLY what they did LAST YEAR!!! They were SO BAD in the PRELIMS that the JUDGES just dismissed them after that and they NEVER HAD A CHANCE!!!

They just have to be in the top ten after Sunday night.

They were just filling out the entry application for the judges.


But Claude...Wha kinda t'ing is that?...De 3 amigos is yuh U.S. educated, highly trained musicians at work...lol...Could they be as bad...or worse than the very Trini arrangers yuh warn them not to emulate?...

Some comments from the PAN TRINBAGO FACEBOOK PAGE

Zahra Mawusi Lake: 12:10 Wow these comments are savage lol #toughcrowd
Michael C. Smith 5:50 Conductor is overjoyed
Michael C. Smith 11:55 Nice classic twist to the opening
Christin Edoo 10:15 Be Nice Viewers 
Petrina Roberts 9:55 It is too slow but usually in prelims the pace is
Ingrid Johnson 7:30 Not impressed
Irma McMillan10:59 Not sounding like skiffle at all
Larry Marsden 6:34 De conductor kinda glad...lol
Mikah Hyper 7:16 I find da count kind of slow
Beverley Eartha L. Alleyne 8:28 Dem judges should be sleeping by now hmmm
Shaun Norville 10:26 Sound like a school band

I have to add one more from ANOTHER SITE --


What happened with SKIFFLE??

Why was the count SO SLOW??

The arrangement was SWEET


...  Now how could a STEELBAND PRACTICE for ALL DEM HOURS and then PLAY TOO SLOW (at a crucial moment) with THREE HIGHLY EDUCATED MUSICIANS arranging THE SONG?

Something is not quite right with this song. I can't put my finger on it, but I am comparing it to the Renegades version and it is really a shadow of the song. We have to also remember it, 3 arrangers, for this band... If this is the best they all can come up with Lord help us all. 

Martin...this malaise runs much much deeper than we think or can see on the surface...After experiencing the first two nights of prelims on the internet, then hearing Birdsong then Exodus...My Lorddd...Exodus!!!...in person!!...It is plain to see that one of...hear me again...ONE of the problems affecting the modern Panorama is preparation. Certain bands simply do not have the players necessary to execute certain arrangers' ideas. Listening to Birdsong then Exodus in that order told me that loud and clear. Same thing with the North bands. Starlift were big on numbers (crackshots included)...preety loud and powerful too...but their quality in playing was a far cry from the other North bands. One thing my years of experience has taught me is how to sus out pretenders. And due to the heave dependence on crackshots, many many pretenders abound, and it is evident in the Large category. I doubt many South band supporters would be very flattered by what they hear last night and from ALL the bands. None were of the quality I expected and ah waiting on allyuh South people to cry teeef when the dust has settled...


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