David Rudder: It was taken by a young Indo-Trinidadian photographer, she used a special type of film. I believe that this is the only one in existence and she offered me first bidding. I bought it right away . That's the true beauty of this place,the Ganges meets the Nile .
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  • Evocative. Poignant. Thanks for posting.

  • King David, dis is one to frame. Thank you.

  • I recognized him as a great leader. I tried to emulate him when I became the leader of my Band.

    I think I recognize the scenery where the Photo was taken. 

  • Thanks for sharing, David! We need those reminders! Hope you have the original properly protected and displayed.

    Hail Rudolph Charles! He left us too soon.

  • proud to say i played one of his  six cello dat he made

  • I can't say what caused his Demise. What I can recall is that He Died on a Friday 29th March 1985.
  • When exactly did he die? Of what? Historical details count.

  • Rudolph "aka"Charlo/Trail Charles was one of T&T gifts from our Creator. With due respect to all those Great Ones that contributed to our Steel band Culture, His input is the most recognized internationally. Forget about the Quadraphonic Pans or 9 or 12 Basses. When ever we see a Chrome Pan. We see Rudolph Charles. He was a Great man of Vision. Give Thanks.
  • Classic Photo . Didn't think you had to identify the photographer as Indo Trinidadian . Of no significance whatsoever. Trinidadian would have been sufficient All I all good memory . Blessings.
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