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Cabo Verde Islands is interested in playing pan!!

As I hope you all already know, I started a project about introducing pan on São Vicente, Cabo Verde Islands.

As this the site for developing pan all over the world, I hope to reach as much people as possible 

As a lot of bands in Trinidad/Tobago don't use mail, I hope you read this and help them to start a panyard.

My name is Deanne Pijl and I live in The Netherlands. And of course I play Pan.
Last February, during the Carnival, I was on São Vicente ( Cape Verde Islands) to do a small project, introducing Pan. They don’t know this instrument, never seen it, never heard it.

I had the opportunity to lend some pans from Nostalgia Steelband from London and took 5 pans with me.
My idea was to form a small band and play on the Carnival parade.
It was a great success!
They loved the sound and want to learn everything about playing pan.

Big problem.
Cape Verde is a poor country. Hardly any work there. So no money to buy instruments.

My colleague and me ( we are piano technicians) gave them 2 piano’s a couple of years ago, for almost nothing. This year I found a keyboard outside in the rain, dried it, worked fine and took it with me. The music teacher was very happy with it.

Well I think you know by now, why I sent you this letter.

Hope you can help them to set up a small pan yard, by donating a steelpan.
The music teacher Eddy Max,  asked the government for money for shipping the instruments, and they want to help him.

They also want to learn how to make one. Can’t do it myself, but I can teach them how to play. I don’t earn any money by teaching them, ( also tune there piano’s for free) I’m just doing it for the love of Pan and to help them in a musical way.

Really, really hope you are willing to help them and spread Pan to another part of the world.

Please reply, even if you don’t have the possibility to donate a Pan. Maybe you even have better ideas, how to start a steel band on São Vicente.
I know they will be very grateful. 

We had very little time ( only 8 days) and was very proud of them playing Pan as if they were born with it and could play the Carnival tune during the parade for 5 hours!!

Made a small compilation of it. Hope you have the time and enthusiasm to look at it and HELP THEM!!


Kind regards
Deanne Pijl

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Comment by deanne pijl on April 1, 2015 at 6:38pm

Hi Carlyle, thanks for your interest. Really appreciated your comment.  And yes, they belonged to Portugal and became independent  in 1975.

But first things first. It is not about bringing a steelband to Cabo Verde, but more them having there own steelband. They know about the instrument now, at least on São Vicente, 'cause I introduced it there and now they want to start playing! So they need pans. Or someone who can teach them how to make pans. The only thing is that there are hardly any good oildrums there. Most of them are to thin. But there is a possibility to ship them from Nigeria.  It will take a lot of time before they have there first pan ready....so better to sent them a few to get started. As you live there and probably know a lot of steelbands, it would be great if you can ask around and see if they can donate one. That would really help! 

I'll keep your advice in mind about government to government! 


Comment by BEDE LOPEZ on March 27, 2015 at 5:02pm

I wish the Band all the Success, I wish I was in a position to help,

Comment by CARLYLE HOULDER on March 26, 2015 at 10:54pm

Hi Deanne,

                  I hear your plea and am saddened that you have not had any reply. When you first released the video of the band starting off and listening, i knew that it is really new to this part of the world. I watched the complete video, and it reminded me of the struggle that i had to go through in starting up my band many years ago. I must complement you and the players for this great effort. I even went on my Google Earth to locate the Island and its really distant from Trinidad and Tobago. I guess its a Portuguese island. When I saw the video it reminded of some other Portuguese islands that I visited by cruise ship a number of years ago ( Tenerife Is.)

I would like to suggest that you try making a government to government arrangement. Send a letter to the ministry of Foreign Affairs, requesting the introduction of a Trinidad and Tobago steel orchestra to Cape Verde Is. Tell them of your efforts to introduce the instrument to this country and would like to have them assist you in making it possible. Google Trinidad and Tobago and you would get the necessary address info. P.s. I have to give you a heads-up though!.....the Country will soon be having its General Elections, which means that if there is a change of administration you might have to re-do the letters. The bright side of this is: once the economy is good in our part of the woods, then you have a great chance of having a Trinidad and Tobago steel orch. visit Cape Verde and bringing all the technical goodies to that Island, come 2015-2017.

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